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12 x hotspots at the Clercqstraat in Amsterdam West

9 January 2019

These are the best hotspots at the clercqstraat Amsterdam

The Kinkerbuurt knows of course many fun streets, but one of our absolute favourites has to be the Clercqstraat! In the Clercqstraat Amsterdam you can find everything, from a concept store where everything revolves around boobs to a champagneria. Over the few last years, so many great new hotspots have located here. Read this blog to find out about the best hotspots to have lunch or dinner, drink coffee, have drinks and shop in the Clercqstraat in Amsterdam West. Have fun!

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9 x food & drinks in the clercqstraat Amsterdam

MOOK Pancakes: For super fluffy pancakes you go to MOOK Pancakes. At MOOK they serve organic pancakes with surprising combinations. Not the typical Dutch pancakes with syrup and bacon. But a pancake with avocado for example. Or with bacon, cheese and onion. YUM!

Champagneria Five Brothers Fat: Champagneria Five Brothers Fat is the first champagneria in Amsterdam and makes many hearts race. A restaurant focussed on champagne, I mean, can it even get any better?!

Rotisserie: Rotisserie is a hotspot at the Clercqstraat where it’s all about chicken and burgers and good craft cocktails. A combination that makes us happy!

clercqstraat amsterdam

Rotisserie // © Rotisserie Amsterdam

H Burger: H Burger stands for a fine, approachable place where you can go for delicious, affordable burgers, milkshakes and side dishes. As soon as you enter this place, you’ll notice that you find yourself in a very fresh-looking place. Perfect place to score a burger and fries with friends!

Karakter: At Karakter the emphasis lies on the drinks. They serve cocktails, specialty beers, gin-tonics and fine wines. Drinks with character ;-) The character of the drinks is because of the A brands that are being served and the finger food that you get with your drink, yum!

Pazzi: Pazzi used to be a nice pizza spot in the Jordaan, but grew into a public favourite within months. People loved to take-away their pizzas here, or eat it in the small restaurant. Popularity grew and they expanded to West, where they also serve pizzas now. Yum!

Van ’t Spit: Whether you want half a chicken or just a whole one (to share)… here you’re allowed to eat with your hands! And, you can combine the chicken with bread, organic fries, salad or applesauce. But  without side dishes, the chicken is also very, very tasty.

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Hendrix: At Hendrix (named after Jimi) you can have soul food and cocktails. The perfect spot to have drinks with friends. Go for the Make it sloppy nachos with homemade guacamole, spicy meat, cheddar and sour cream and have one of the special cocktails with it. Nice!

Bilder en de Clercq: Bilder en de Clercq is a supermarket where everything has been done to make it as easy for you as possible. There are 14 different recipes (each week, one recipe changes) with a table where you can find all the ingredients in exactly the right amount for one person. Perfect!

2 x shopping at the clercqstraat Amsterdam

TITSThis concept store has a very catchy and special name: T.I.T.S! It’s actually short for This Is The Shit, but when you walk into the store you can’t miss the real “tits” ;-) The walls are decorated with illustrations of boobs in all sorts and sizes and you can buy items such as shirts and pots with boobs on it. Funny right?

TITS // © TITS Amsterdam

Misc store: The Misc shop has a brick store at the De Clercqstraat in West. This Miscellaneous (long for Misc) shop features all the products you find in the online shop and gives you the opportunity to smell, touch and browse the unique collection of notebooks, pencils and cards. Perfect to score that unique card to complete the perfect gift or to treat yourself on a cute notebook ;-)

1 x to do’s in the clercqstraat Amsterdam

Delight YogaIn need of a yoga lesson? The lessons at Delight Yoga are very diverse and for all levels. Perfect, because this helps you experimenting what kind of lesson works best for you.

Enjoy these hotspots in the Clercqstraat!

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