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16 x hotspots on the Amstelveenseweg in Old South

10 April 2018

is the amstelveenseweg becoming the hottest street in south?

The Amstelveenseweg is hard on its way to becoming the new place to be in Amsterdam Old South. In a short period we went back over and over again to check out new openings. We wanted to eat cakes at the pink Sticky Fingers, wanted to see the second location of Lavinia Good Food and wanted to enjoy a night full of poetry and cocktails at Labyrinth. The long road next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam Old South is no longer a boring road you pass by on the way back home. That’s why we created this new list with 14 hotspots to stop and drink a coffee, order a pizza or go to for afternoon drinks.

Ps: Did you already see the new week vlog of Yourlbb? We visited Sticky Fingers!

16 x hotspots on the amstelveenseweg that are worth a visit

Lavinia Good Food: When you’re at Amstelveenseweg you want to have breakfast or brunch at Lavinia Good Food. You can enjoy a smashed avocado sandwich on a early morning and end your day with orange ginger cake. – Amstelveenseweg 192 152

SOTTO Pizza: Pizza on a Friday night? Who says no to that? You definitely need to order the Bianca pizza at SOTTO. – Amstelveenseweg 89

Anne & Max: At Anne & Max you can have the best and affordable sandwiches, salads and sweet snacks during the day. Tip: order a nice ice coffee and sit outside in the sun. – Amstelveenseweg 196

Restaurant No 95: You can get the best and tastiest Japanese and Vietnamese dishes at this Asian fusion restaurant. – Amstelveenseweg 152

Café Carbòn: Everybody who loves meat will love Café Carbòn aan het juiste adres. Specially the spareribs are highly recommended, they’re so good! No worries, when you’re more into fish you can go to this restaurant as well. – Amstelveenseweg 312


Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers: You can find the famous pink wall and cakes at Sticky Fingers. You need to get a coconut macaroon and a banoffee cake. – Amstelveenseweg 3

Braai: Really craving meat from the bbq, but are you not feeling it to make it yourself? Than walk by Braai, you can get the tastiest spare ribs overhere! – Schinkelhavenkade 1

Café Schinkelhaven: Maybe not a real hotspot, but definitely a restaurant (at the entrance of Vondelpark) that can’t be missed in our list. Go here in summer time and watch soccer on a big screen. – Amstelveenseweg 126

Labyrinth: Do you like soul food, classic cocktails and poetry? Than is Labyrinth your favorite hotspot at Amstelveenseweg! – Amstelveenseweg 53

Franklin: When you’re missing New York, go to Franklin Bar and Kitchen.  Amstelveenseweg 156

Roots: Roots is the juice and health hotspot of Old South. What do you think of homemade granola, vegan burgers and sweet snacks? Tip: you can also order at Foodora. – Amstelveenseweg 164


Ron Gastrobar

Ron Gastrobar: Go to Ron Gastrobar for delicious medium sized dishes that are perfect for sharing. They have a Michelin-star so perfect if you have something to celebrate! Sophialaan 55

Restaurant Moer: A restaurant where you can get  je high quality dishes with veggies is Restaurant Moer. They’re opening their doors February 14, so a little bit more patience. – Amstelveenseweg 7

David Lloyd: Do you like good food, but do you want to be fit as well? At the gym David Lloyd you can take a swim and also take part of the bootcamp at Vondelpark. – Overtoom 557

At the corner of Amstelveenseweg

Dignita: At this all-day brunch hotspot you can get the tastiest and healthiest meals. It’s also the perfect spot to drink your coffee and work a little. – Koninginneweg 218

DasGaaf: When you ate at Dignita, go to the neighbors DasGaaf. The store (and my favorite) to shop vintage furniture and accessories for a nice price. – Koninginneweg 220

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