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Hotspot & Lifestyle update #23

2 June 2014

Last weekend I enjoyed the sunny weather in Sevilla! A beautiful old town which reminded me a lot of Stone-town in Zanzibar. So beautiful. My weekend was very relaxed, with a lot of food, sightseeing and some shopping!

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Hotspot & Lifestyle update week 23

Sevilla: it was so nice to experience the warm weather again! For my parents 35th anniversary we went to Sevilla with the whole family for a weekend of fun. There’s so much old cultural stuff to see and do there. Sevilla is also perfect for cycling. And did I mention the shopping already? When it comes to food, it’s tapas, tapas and more tapas. Not that many hotspots, but old authentic restaurants where they only speak Spanish. Really had the holiday feeling!

Nikes: I couldn’t resist a new pair of Nike Air Max light essential sneakers. Ever since the 90’s these are in my wardrobe. And I’m sure I’m not the only one! What are your favourite sneakers for this summer?

How was your weekend? I’m sure you had a great weekend stuffing your face at Rollende Keukens!

Remember: live your week like it’s weekend ;-)

and have a great one!

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Anne de Buck