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7 x the best spots for hot chocolate in Amsterdam

28 December 2018

The best hotspots for hot chocolate in Amsterdam

Hot chocolate is really our guilty pleasure in the winter months. Preferably with lots of whipped cream and some cocoa powder sprinkled on it. Warming up at a cosy coffee bar where they serve homemade chocolate milk: best thing there is, if you ask us ;-). In Amsterdam there are several places where you can drink delicious chocolate milk. Check out our list with the best hotspots for hot chocolate in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

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7 x the best hot chocolate in amsterdam you have to try

Puccini: In this somewhat luxury lunchroom you’ll get a cup of hot milk and a chocolate lollipop to make your own hot chocolate. This chocolate is of the best quality; not surprisingly cause the chocolate from chocolaterie Puccini Bomboni is one out of the ten best chocolatiers in the world!

Café Jaap: Who doesn’t want some hot chocolate after a round of ice skating at the Jaap Eden Ice skating rink? I know I do! And at Café Jaap they serve really tasty chocolate milk.

PompadourPompadour can be found in the Nine Streets (around the corner of the Yourlbb office!) and is known as one of the best places for chocolate milk. At this French chocolaterie, patisserie and tearoom, you should also immediately take a delicious bonbon or other pastry with your hot chocolate, these are real pieces of art!

Moods Coffee Corner: At this small, hidden place in the Jordaan you can’t only get tasty coffee, but also very delicious hot chocolate. You can choose from 32 flavours and add toppings such as caramel grate and mini marshmallows!

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Metropolitan Deli: This deli is heaven for the chocolate fans among us. They serve all kinds of chocolate, ice cream and coffee from their own roasted beans. And during the winter months you can drink pure hot chocolate. Tip: try the chocolate milk with a shot of rum in it ;-)

The Coffee Virus: At the Eye Film Museum in North and in Amsterdam East you’ll find The Coffee Virus. At this lunch cafe and coffee bar you can add a shot of espresso to your hot chocolate. Take a brownie or slice of banana bread and you can start your day ;-)

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The Coffee Virus Amsterdam

Scandinavian Embassy: You can choose your percentage of cacao you want in your hot chocolate, at this Scandinavian hotspot in De Pijp. Furthermore they serve latte art; so you’ll also get a good looking hot chocolate!

Enjoy your hot coco!


Anne de Buck

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