Hot-air balloon rides in the world


7 x most beautiful hot-air balloon rides in the world to make with your lover

24 May 2017

surprise your love with a beautiful hot-air balloon ride!

How tempting is a relaxed Sunday afternoon, with the sun on your face and a delicious wine? This sounds like music to my ears, YES! Together with your lover you can enjoy the beautiful view in one of the most beautiful and romantic hot-air balloon rides in the world. Nothing as good as flying above a beautiful nature reserve, getting excited yet?

That’s what I thought! That is why I will share my top 7 most beautiful hot-air balloon rides  in the world from my bucketlist with you.

7 x hot-air balloon rides in the world for a unforgettable experience

Luxor: at this place in Egypt you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the old buildings of Luxor. A hot-air balloon ride in this area starts with the view of a golden sunset above the Nijl. When the sun is at the top of the sky, you have the best view of the impressive landscape next to shore. Egypt at its best!

Cappadocia: this Turkish place has the decor of a fairytale, so impressive! You will fly through the sky with a hot-air balloon and enjoy the view of impressive structures and old chimneys. The landscaped is filled with small towers which will have a magic effect on both you and your lover!

Hot-air balloon rides in the world


Bagan: this place in Myanmar is the former capital of the First Burmese Kingdom with countless stupa’s and pagodas. Also known as Buddhist structures and temples that are visited by tourists and locals. Nice: after the landing, this fun experience is traditionally finished with a glass of bubbles!

Cambodia: in a spot called Angkor Wat in Cambodia you are not going to fly with a hot-air balloon but you are taken with a helium balloon. With an amazing view of the temples, this saves a lot of traveling on the ground. How nice!

Filzmoos: as you rise, the temperatures drop. But the impressive view makes you totally forget it.  The mountains covered in snow in this ski area are already very impressive, but even more breathtaking from the sky. After landing, you put on your ski’s and ski down the piste.

Hot-air balloon rides in the world


Melbourne: above a city like Melbourne you will always have a beautiful view. There’s a serene calm high in the sky, making you feel like you’re the only one in the universe. An absolute must-see when you want to escape the busy life of Melbourne. Tip: take a picnic basket and enjoy delicious wine, snacks and a breathtaking view.

Letchworth State Park: this beautiful park in New York State, also known as the Grand Canyon of the East, is one of the most popular spots for a hot-air balloon ride. You look out over the green fields, hills, forests and waterfalls. A must see for nature lovers!

Are you ready for this romantic adventure with your lover?

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