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This is how I follow my favourite TV shows when I travel!

18 April 2015

Did your TV-behaviour change a lot the last few years? I used to watch TV for hours  when I was a student. Now I’m simply to much away from home to be able to keep up with all my favourite TV shows. That I spend around 12 hours online on the web has something to di with my changing behaviour as well. And then the travelling… killing to keep up with shows I love like Expedition Robinson.

It is hard for me to remember the last evening that I was sitting on the couch and was really focusing 100% on watching TV. I’m usually either multitasking by blogging while I’m watching my favourite show or I’m watching back an episode from last night on my laptop while I’m in the Thalys.

The fact that we millennials watch and experience TV in a whole different way wouldn’t surprise anyone. A couple of weeks ago we updated our subscription from UPC at home again. An idea from the man, I’d have to honestly admit! My lover came home with the newest box of Horizon. This package was cheaper than our current subscription and with MyPrime you can watch over 1000 films and TV series. Also nice: you are able to record up about four of your favourite series at once, wherever you are. And the coolest thing is that you can watch live TV on your smartphone or laptop when you have Internet! Wherever you are in the Netherlands, so even if you’re traveling.

Last weekend I went to Paris by train. Because of a huge power failure the entire rail service was shut down and I had about 6 hours delay. Thankfully there was wifi access in the train so I could finally watch all episodes of my favourite TV show Scandal (highly recommended!) on my laptop. Love it! The only thing you have to do is to log in on the website of Horizon. That is by the way also possible with the Horizon Go-app for iOS or Android. So handy, since now you can always watch TV wherever you are in the Netherlands when you have internet access.

Good job from my boyfriend to change the mediabox at home. My train ride went by super fast watching my favourite TV shows  :-).

In collaboration with Horizon

Anne de Buck