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Hop & Cleaver Newcastle: gastrobar hotspot

23 August 2015

Go out for dinner at the trendy Hop & Cleaver in Newcastle

We love gastrobars. Those restaurants that look like a nice café, but with much better food! Hop & Cleaver Newcastle is one of the newest gastrobars in the city. This hotspot is situated at the waterfront, in an old building. It reminds us a bit of a nice English pub. The look and feel of the place is warm and dark with lots of wooden and vintage elements. I think the logo, which lights up at the wall, is a real eye-catcher.

Hop and Cleaver Newcastle
Hop and Cleaver Newcastle

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Hop and Cleaver Newcastle

Menu x Hop & Cleaver Newcastle

At Hop & Cleaver its’s all about meat. You will find the best juicy steaks served on tough looking wooden plates. And the best part is: Their speciality is the smoked meat. YUM! Obviously I had to try that myself with a nice big steak and tasty side dishes. The coleslaw is absolutely delicious! The menu at Hop & Cleaver Newcastle also contains a few surprising meals. Like Mac & Cheese which I only had once before in NY. You will be surprised with the prices of this gastrobar. All meals are between 10 to 15 pounds.

Hop and Cleaver Newcastle

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Hop and Cleaver Newcastle

Nice to know: Hop & Cleaver has their own brewery at the back. Tip: go do a beer tasting! Nice detail: When the sun is out you definitely want to spend some time at the terrace in the courtyard of Hop & Cleaver Newcastle.

Hop and Cleaver Newcastle

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Hop & Cleaver

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