Portrait Gallery of The Golden Ages x Hermitage in Amsterdam

Hollanders van de Gouden Eeuw

Meet the socialites of the Golden Ages at the Hermitage!

Paintings as big as the famous Night Watch of Rembrandt are exhibited the new expo Portraits of the Golden Ages at museum the Hermitage in Amsterdam. It’s a very special collaboration between the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Museum. The paintings were in depots and are displayed together for the very first time! It’s very impressive to see these huge art works together at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Rooms full of portraits of the most important people of the Golden Ages in Amsterdam painted by Dutch masters as Rembrandt and Govert Flinck.

Hermitage Amsterdam

What I really like about the exhibit is the collaboration between the different Amsterdam based museums. Some of the most important paintings ab about Amsterdam people and Amsterdam sceneries together in one room.

Hermitage Amsterdam

My favourite artwork there is the “Osteologie les van Dr. Sebastiaen Egbertsz” painted by Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy. Maybe it’s a bit dark with the skeleton, but also fascinating.

I think the Portraits of the Golden Ages is a great exhibit to check out with your parents when they’re visiting Amsterdam. Afterwards it’s nice to go for coffee or lunch to Neva or a nice spot at the Utrechtsestraat!

Watch a video about building the expo Portraits of the Golden Ages here:

Hermitage in Amsterdam

Where: Amstel 51, Amsterdam
When until end of 2016
Website & tickets: or
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