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Hendrix Amsterdam: for Soulfood & Drinks

16 March 2015

A sunny terrace and good finger food at Hendrix Amsterdam

Hendrix Amsterdam is a new hotspot in West for breakfast, lunch and drinks! Although
they’re not officially open yet, I went there last week to sit on their sunny terrance and try their lunchmenu. De Clercqstraat is getting more populair every day don’t you think, with places like Van ‘t Spit, Fier and Rotisserie!

Besides a sunny terrace (all day!), the menu of Hendrix Amsterdam looks really good. Have a breakfast with granola and yogurt and pick your fruit, nuts and powerfoods. Or have lunch with sandwiches and fish & chips. But the finger food plateaus also sound good! So I’ll be back soon to drink wine and try their finger food!

Hendrix Amsterdam

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