KLM 95 jaar

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Happy birthday to KLM

15 October 2014

95 fall young… time to celebrate!

KLM celebrates its 95th birthday this year. It was on October 7 to be more precise. They had a great promotion that they where you could buy a very cheap ticket to New York. Of course I shared that tip with you as well and I hope many of you who already planned on going benefitted form it.
I fly with KLM very often. At least 8 times a year and I’m a Silver member of the nice  Flying Blue programme  too :-). In two weeks I’m flying with them again for a London trip with a friend for only € 128,-.

KLM creates really nice videos, like the one with the cute dog that went viral. For their birthday they created a video about 95 years of KLM, beautiful vintage images mixed with their modern day business (I think they’re great on social media). Watch the video here:

Since I’m a big fan of KLM they sponsored me to share this video with you.

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