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6 x handy backpacking tips you want to know for your next trip

17 May 2017

BACKPACKing without STRESs with these backpacking tips, I’M IN!

Backpacking is a lot of fun, but it also requires a good preparation. During the long and far trips you have planned you can face various problems, and it’s better to try and avoid them! That’s why we gathered some backpacking tips to make sure you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

It’s super handy and great to be prepared as much as possible so you can start your adventure without any stress! Grab your notebook and pencil and make notes because you don’t want to miss these tips!

6 X backpacking tips that will make your trip extra great

Packing: keep it light! A common mistake people make when they go backpacking is that they bring way to much stuff with them. When you travel every day with a backpack with the weight of 3 babies on your back, make sure you need everything that’s in your back. Tip: 10 to 12 kg is often enough, even less. Otherwise you will be forced to leave things on the go, and that would be a pity.

Sim card: buy a local SIM card. There are a lot of opportunities to get in touch with the world. Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. But how are you sure that the person you are trying to reach is online too? Much more convenient to buy a local SIM card. This way you can find out if your travel buddy is already too far away to meet again as you agreed. When you buy a local SIM card, also buy a cheap mobile phone so you can leave your expensive smartphone at home.

backpacking tips

Money: backpacking is not that expensive in general. You can make it as crazy as you like, so it’s wise to bring some extra money. A buffer that allows you to cover unforeseen costs, such as change in your travel schedule or when you need to buy certain medication. In those cases, you don’t want to be out of money. You can also use your extra money to book that great diving trip ;-)

Scams: unfortunately, in different places in the world, it can happen that you get scamed during your backpack-trip. Of course, you do not want this and therefore it is important that you read about this and prepare yourself as much as possible. Ask other travellers for tips and do some research! Especially in Asia, scams with tourists happen a lot. Being well prepared is your best chance to not become a victim.

Language: it’s extremely useful to learn the basics of the local language of the countries you are going to visit. This way, you can not only save yourself from certain situations, but you will also be more appreciated when people see that you’ve made an effort. You do not have to have 1.5-hour conversations, but simple words or sentences can make a the difference already. Fact: In Thailand, they have different ways of thanking men and women. Women say ‘kap-kun-ka’ while men thank you with ‘kap-kun-kap’.

backpacking tips

Travel: traveling is the goal, not the number of your destinations. Many backpackers are so focused on visiting all the places of their bucket list that they forget to enjoy while being on the go. Enjoying is, besides the new experiences and personal developments, one of the most important things. Rather quality travel than quantity if you’d ask me. Enjoy the moment and live in it!

What are your backpacking tips?

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