Guilty Pleasure Festival Amsterdam: back to the best of the past

3 May 2016

at guilty pleasure festival amsterdam you’ll wildly sing and dance!

At Yourlbb we find nothing more fun than going all wild and loose every now and then. After a week of hard work we love to hop into a bar and dance. Preferably at the most guilty music, because then, then we really go wild, haha! Playbacking – or singing out loud, very loud – at famous cheerful songs is just plain fun. And with spring around the corner we love to trade the bar for a festival. On the hunt for good performances and a good vibe, in the outdoor, we just cannot wait! One of our favourite festivals? The Guilty Pleasure Festival Amsterdam!

Because at the Guilty Pleasure Festival there’s one thing guaranteed and that’s that you’re going to have fun for sure! Because every year again this festival creates a wonderful flashback to the best of the past. Because here the most populair hits from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s will be played. And also this year my heart bumped when I saw the line-up. Snap!, Captain Jack, Jody Bernal, Def Rhymz, The Darkraver, K-Liber, Lange Frans and Girls Love DJ’s. They’re all going to be there and will play all mine – and probably yours as well – guilty pleasures ;-) Just for one weekend no deep house or rough techno, but just happy feet and hands in the air. Imagine some good sunbeams and nice company with that and you will definitely have the best time of your life. Best. time. of your. life!

guilty pleasure festival amsterdam 600x450 headerThat’s why team Yourlbb will definitely go. Are you going as well? We hope to see you there! Meanwhile we’re going to study the lyrics of  ¡ Que si, que no! once more ;-)

What: Guilty Pleasure Festival Amsterdam
Where: Gaasperplas, Amsterdam
14 augustus
Entrance fee: €29,50

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