Granada Travel Guide (ANDALUSIA, SPAIN): 18 X hotspots from tapas bars to the Alhambra

1 January 2017

eating tapas and stroll through the narrow streets of granada

A visit to Andalusia isn’t complete without a visit to the city of Granada. Famous for the Alhambra, praised for the many good tapas bars. With the mountains of the Sierra Nevada on the background (which was covered with snow when we were there!) this city provides the visitor with a magical view when you see it from a distance. In this Granada Travel Guide I’ll share all my tips that I gathered after a long day in Granada. Because Granada is a city of students you’ll find lots of lively cafés.

The architecture in the city is full of Moorish influences and is incredibly fotogenic. The city isn’t all too big and you can easily discover its secrets on foot! Start at the Plaza Nueva and stroll through the narrow streets, and stop at several tapasbars to have a bite and a drink. In Granada you’ll (often) get some snacks on the house when you order something to drink in the tapasbars. Here also most good tapasbars and restaurants are closed during siesta. We were there on a Sunday which was a lot of fun, to see the bars full of groups of friends and families that are having a good time having a drink. What a lovely culture Spain has, right? Have lots of fun with the tips from this Granada Travel Guide!

Granada Travel Guide

La Tana Granada


Without a doubt, the best tapas I had while travelling through Andalusia were in Granada.

El quinteto: The interior of this restaurant isn’t very cosy, but the delicious dishes more than compensate for that. Modern Spanish dishes, served colourfully!

Lío Granada: At this joyful café situated on the corner near the cathedral, it’s  lovely to sit on a terrace for a drink and a bite. On the menu there’s tapas to share, but also burgers and other main dishes.

Lío Grande Granada

Lío Grande Granada

Milagrosa: This restaurant in Granada has a romantic and colourful interior and serves a daily varying menu.

Bella Kurva: A tapasbar, but different! Also here international tapas are on the menu, from Mexico to Asia! Something different for a change!

Rosaria Varela: This hotspot is around the corner of Taberna La Tana and something completely different. Modern and for Spanish standards trendy! Here you eat tasty tapas and you can come here for drinks as well later in the evening.

Rosaria Varela

Rosaria Varela

La Paralla: If you’re looking for the best paella in Granada you go to La Paralla!

LaMafia: If you’re not feeling like Spanish food for a change, LaMafia is recommended! Because in here you’ll eat Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. Tip: order the antipasti to share.

Bar Los Diamantes: One of the most popular tapasbars among the local. Naturally with lighting by TL and an awfully ugly interior! Tasty and affordable.

Los Diamantos Granada

Los Diamantes

Bronx: The number one place to be to get good cocktails in Granada is the Bronx. A speakeasy bar hiding in plain sight!

Saint Germain: One moment you’re turning the corner of an alley and the next thing you know you’re on a cosy square with tapas bar Saint Germain on it. A spot not to miss in Granada! The staff barely speak English so every time it was a surprise to discover what we had ordered.

Saint Germain Granada

Saint Germain

SanMatías30: You can come here all day long for coffee or for drinks. Its interior is cosy with a large bar and several nice corners where you can have a seat. This truly is a place to go in the evenings for a drink!



Bar Poë: his renowned tapasbar is just outside the centre but is definitely worth a visit for the authentic vibe of Granada.

Taberna La Tana: During my visit to Granada I loved this tapasbar most. Small, crowded and very cosy. They have an enormous amount of wine by the glass and the owner is glad to give you a taste before he pours you anything.

La Tana Granada


Curious as to what you can do in and about Granada? Here are my tips!

  • Chances are the Alhambra is the number one reason for your visit to Granada. And to be honest, it is a highlight not to be missed. To avoid having to get in line (visitors are allowed by the hour) you can get your tickets beforehand. The Alhambra fort is one of the most important sights in Andalusia. Wander around the beautiful palace gardens and visit the palace itself from where you have an amazing view of the Albaycin district.
    Alhambra Granada
  • Do you want to make a picture of the Alhambra itself? Mirador San Nicolás is the right place! From there you have the single best view of the fort. Especially during the golden hour! At least, that’s what I’ve seen on the photos online, as it unfortunately rained terribly when we were there at the end of the afternoon. Perfect reason to go back someday if it’s up to me!
  • The Albaycin district is fun to wander about. This is the old Arabic neighbourhood that is situated on the hill across the Alhambra, and where you can see the beautiful Moorish influences.
  • Granada is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada. Did you know that you can even go skiing in the mountains during the winter? In the summer it’s great for hiking, if you’re into that.
  • And finally: you definitely can’t leave Granada without having eaten tapas at one of our tips mentioned in this Granada Travel Guide! Personally I liked the bars around the Calle Virgen del Rosario the most.

Alhambra Granada

GRANADA TRAVEL GUIDE and more tips for andalusia

If you’re travelling to Andalusia there are lots of nice towns and villages to visit besides Granada. Go rent a car and explore the region! Definitely don’t skip Malaga. A fun city situated by the water with several hotspots and nice restaurants. And go to Marbella for a day of decadency in the summer. Prefer smaller places? Perhaps go to Nerja, where I stayed in Hotel Rural Almazara. Or pay a visit to Frigiliana, Almuñecar, Istan, Miljas, Ronda, Tarifa, Salobreña and La Herradure for example, according to the readers of Your Little Black Book these places are worth a visit.

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Granada Travel Guide

Have fun if you’re travelling to Andalusia! And if you have tips of your own, let us know.



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