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Graceland Bar-B-Q Amsterdam: restaurant at De Marktkantine

4 November 2014

Southern American food at Graceland Bar-B-Q in Amsterdam West

Graceland BAR-B-Q is the new restaurant hotspot at De Marktkantine in West.An authentic Southern American roadhouse restaurant with food, drinks and live music. I can’t wait for my Texan friends to come to Amsterdam again. They would love this place! It reminds me of restaurants in Austin Texas or Montana’s Trail House  in the upcoming neighbourhood Bushwick in New York. Cool! Nice to know: all the ingredients and food come from the food center next to De Marktkantine.

The menu x Graceland BAR-B-Q

On the menu at Graceland BAR-B-Q in Amsterdam you find traditional American BBQ dishes served with home made sides and sauces. Expect the real American deal. This restaurant is not for skinny dishes ;-). All the food is prepared on the Texas Smoker. Dishes like slow cooked ribs and brisket. Yum! On Sunday Graceland BAR-B-Q is only open for brunch. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends!

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Graceland Bar-B-Q Amsterdam

Address: Jan van Galenstraat 8, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam West

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