Goede Vrijdag Utrecht: coffee, toasted sandwiches and pastries


Goede Vrijdag Utrecht is a cool place for coffee

This coffee hotspot in Utrecht is called Goede Vrijdag, and as you can tell from the name it is a very interesting one. Three recently-graduated students with a background in design decided that they wanted to start a new food business in Utrecht that is all about being unique and one-of-a-kind. I think they did a good job with that mindset, because Goede Vrijdag sure is one-of-a-kind. Goede Vrijdag Utrecht is in a tiny building that used to be a bridgekeeper house.

That only means that whatever’s inside, must be either interesting or functional. And that’s how it is: Goede Vrijdag Utrecht is furnished with just enough tables, benches and chairs to fit in as much as people as possible and there’s a bar in the corner that’s just big enough to store all the drinks and food. Anything else there is simply there to make the place look fabulous (I’d say the disco ball contributes a lot for that).


Come to Goede Vrijdag for the coolest drinks or some good coffee, but you can also get a toasted sandwich here or some home-baked goodness. Every other week they also have live performances or other cool events. That’s right, they can entertain a crowd in this small little place. At Goede Vrijdag Utrecht there’s another floor downstairs where they have a small stage that allows an audience of 25 people. So check out their Facebook page regularly to find out when the next event is, because you definitely want to hang out here sometime!

Oh, and check out their toilet when you can; they’re very proud at the work they’ve done there. Hint: it’s even more fabulous than the cafe itself, haha!


Utrecht Travel Tips

Hotel tip: our favourite hotel in Utrecht is Mother Goose!

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