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18 November 2017

Glitter cappuccinos are the next big thing

Sure, just when you think it can’t get any crazier, we came across glitter cappuccinos. Yes, you read it well: glitter cappuccinos! That is some festive coffee… Coffee shops in Mumbai, England and Melbourne have these sparkling coffees on their menu and they’re hot. And to be honest, we have also become curious about these coffees. Now I hear you think… Because after a night of playing with glitters you’ll still find them even a week later on your body and in your hair. So what about in your mouth? Your teeth? Do they dissolve? Do you pee glitters the next day?

So, after some research we found out there is such a thing as edible glitters. Although we don’t know exaclty whether you have to go to that important meeting with glittering lips the days after…

Should someone feel the need to put glitter cappuccinos on the menu in Amsterdam, then we are the first to stand in line!

Ps: do you already know about the funnel cake ice cream sandwiches ?

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