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Glastonbury Festival 2015 report: day 2

2 July 2015

From green grass to a muddy mess at Glastonbury Festival

Gosh, I could wake up so relaxed at the pop-up hotel after spending the whole night at Shangrila at the Glastonbury Festival 2015. At the regular campsites they only have a couple of showers. Not showering for the entire weekend is quite normal there ;). It’s obviously a different story at the glamping. It’s Friday and the first real day of Glastonbury Festival has started. Waking up on a sunny day, a good cup of coffee and breakfast that’s anything but healthy. But hey, calories don’t count at #Glasto2015 right?

glastonbury-festival-2015-6glastonbury-festival-2015-81>> Sunglasses: Le Specs >> Platform sandals: Teva >> Camera strap: Kekke Camera Riem >> Backpack: Michael Kors via Omoda >>

What’s on the programme today? We’re starting the day with James Bay and Mary J Blige. Nothing is as fast changing as the weather in the UK! The platform Teva’s that I was wearing were replaced by waterproof wellies for the day. It really was pouring. And still we all stayed dancing and jumping in front of the stage! Good thing that I bought a Rains raincoat just for the Glastonbury Festival. It was definitely useful after all since we had to stand in the rain for hours at the Pyramid stage.

glastonbury-festival-2015-19glastonbury-festival-2015-20Although I usually don’t end up eating healthy at festivals, there’s really all kinds of food to eat at the Glastonbury Festival. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many food stands at once! My favourite of the day are the Samosas. It makes me think of Uganda where we also eat a lot of these :).


Tip for every girl that goes to the Glastonbury Festival. Bring some urinating devices with you! The toilets at this festival are really the most disgusting ones I’ve ever seen. Even a dixie (portable toilet) can be considered luxurious compared with those ;). Don’t forget to bring a stack of tissue and wet wipes with you. You will definitely need those haha!

To end the evening properly we all danced on Rudimental at The Other Stage and Adam Bijer at the Arcadia. An incredible stage with some sort of fire spitting robot spider! It goes without saying that all stages were very special. From one magical world to another. Just like a matryoshka doll with a festival in a festival in a festival and so on.

Cold and drenched I rolled back into my tent after consuming a whole lot of ciders. What an awesome day it was! Fun fact: everyday you walk about 25km at the festival. Wow, that sure does compensate with the festival junkood ;).

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