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Glastonbury Festival 2015: day 3

1 July 2015

Bouncing at Pharrel and more at Glastonbury Festival

After 2 days of walking around at the Glastonbury Festival I finally kind of knew how to find my way there. After a few cups of coffee and a chill session at the pool from the pop-up hotel I was ready for another day in the fields. From The Pop-up Hotel it’s about 10 minutes walking to Gate D and then about 20 to 40 minutes to the main stages. When I walk past the camping sites I’m secretly very happy that we didn’t go camping there after the big rain on Friday. The smell coming from the camp sites isn’t exactly making it any better ;).


Saturday at the Glastonbury festival is the day when all the big names will have their performances. From Pharrel to Kanye West and Deadmau5. The programme at Glastonbury is so diverse and you can definitely tell from the audience. From old English ravers to parents with kids (they actually bring their baby with them!), hippies that are 70 years old, rockers, the type that wears outdoor pants and hipsters. It doesn’t happen so often that you see such a diverse audience and everyone is having a great time and getting along with each other. Great atmosphere!

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Rumours are that this might be the last edition of the Glastonbury festival that’s actually taking place in Glastonbury because the area has supposedly become too gross because of people peeing everywhere and because the farmers keep demanding more money to rent their land there. While Glastonbury isn’t even that commercial. You can bring your own drinks and bags are never checked. For nothing. Quite strange because then you can just bring whatever you want with you to the festival

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The area of Glastonbury festival is so big that I discover new areas every day. On Saturday night we continued dancing at the hip-hop stage after seeing Deadmau5. Have some quick late night fastfood at The Park Stage and then end the night at Arcadia. At not even 50 meter away from the stage there are tents everywhere. An enormous organised mess! It’s wonderful that this is possible at a festival with 170.000 visitors.


So cool that thanks to the invitiation of Teva I can finally check off a visit to Glastonbury Festival of my #bucketlist!

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