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Glasserie Greenpoint New York: new restaurant in upcoming Brooklyn hood

6 January 2014
Photo credit: Interior Glasserie Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

Tucked away in the end of Greenpoint but so worth going to is Glasserie

This new restaurant in the North of Greenpoint is located on an awesome spot in a huge old factory. And boy how I like the inside of this cool spot as well.
They have smaller tables but also cozy round tables for parties of 6 on the other side of this lovely space. The light green colored walls and beautiful wooden floor give it a rustique and warm feeling and I love the rough brick walls. I don’t know if they always play 80’s music, but you had me at “Girls just wanna have fun”…
It’s too cold now but I hope they offer outdoor seating in summer as well… That must be a pretty cool sight as well.

The food is fabulous.
I hope I will not mourn forever over the fact that we didn’t take the whole rabbit (cooked 3 ways… how could I resist!). For 2 this is too much, but for 3 it’s perfect (read: easily serves 3 people), so they explain.
The chef is from Israel and you will taste that in the lovely food. Middle Eastern flavors and products like bulghur, saffron and fruits are being used in many dishes. All appetizers and entrees are for sharing, but for us (4 people) 4 of both are actually enough (fine if you’re really starving you might want to add one extra for you). We take one of the flat breads as well which makes this all enough for us 4. The dishes are a perfect combination of different ingredients. And the winners are: the fried cauliflower with caper yogurt, sweet potato dumplings, hen of the woods & cranberries, and the chicken with almond milk, cranberry beans & cilantro. The other half of the table is having the flat iron steak, kabocha squash, almond & trout roe which is really really good as well. The meat is so tender and full of rich aromas and flavors. As this was all so good we have to try their desserts as well, so we take 2 of them to share. I can tell you this: rosemary combines pretty fantastic with chestnut pie and cream.

If you’re into good food, if you like the “sharing concept” that is now taking over many restaurants here in New York but also think a cozy and cool decor is at least as important I’d suggest you get your ass over to Glasserie in the North side of Greenpoint next time!

Want to have a few drinks before dinner? And maybe some oysters? Check out Achilles Heel (read the blog post on Achilles Heel). It’s practically around the corner anyway. And you can always also go back there after dinner if you like it… Which I’m sure you will…

Greenpoint New York street art
Exterior and interior Glasserie Greenpoint New York
Name: Glasserie
Address: 95 Commercial Street
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, New York
Perfect for: Great dishes with a different twist on a cool location far away in Greenpoint (as in “hey, there’s Queens on the other side of the bridge!”), great brunch spot, and makes an awesome bike ride btw
Price level: Average/above average (wine a little too expensive for what they serve)

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