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What’s on your bucketlist?

20 September 2014

Dreams that come true. I think almost everyone dreams of making a ride in a hot air balloon once in their lives. With the  Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking coming up on October 1 I gave 5 loved ones a moment of happiness (Gelukstrekking is translated as lottery of luck). Because I thought they deserved it! I surprised my dear friend Olivier with a flight in an air balloon!

Happiness is hot air ballooning!

Olivier is one of the best friends of my boyfriend and after all these years from me as well. When his wife passed away very suddenly last year we were all heart broken. It made our group of friends closer and I’m happy to let you know that everything is going well with Olivier and the kids again.

I know that air ballooning is on Olivier his bucket list. His little girl was too small for the ride but he and his son Luc had their moment of happiness last week. So special!

ballonvaart olivier 1

Happy Olivier:

“I always dreamed of seeing Holland from above in an air balloon. When you’re flying through the sky it’s almost like you’re floating through the air.

Last summer holiday I looked to the sky with the kids. They asked me which star is their mom. To float in this air balloon with Luc is symbolic… Because air balloons don’t fly at night…”


Win a lucky ticket!

Is October 1 going to be your lucky day? That day it’s the Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking with 100 prices of €100.000. Let me know why you deserve a lucky moment and maybe I give you a ticket for the lottery. This whole week I give away 3 lucky tickets a day!

Winning is easy! Leave a comment on this blog or on my Facebook post and tell me what your moment of happiness would be like!

You can enter the competition until 6 pm on September 28. Keep a close eye on your inbox that day!

Good luck :-).

PS: read about the first moment of happiness I gave to my friend Johanna here.


Anne de Buck