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Big news: I quit my job!

2 October 2014

From hobby to being a full time blogger and entrepreneur :-)

Follow your dreams! Although I have to admit that I never thought that I would make blogging my full time job when I started Your Little Black Book in the summer of 2012. There were already SO many other bloggers… And now it’s even more crowded in the blogoshpere!

But this month, after only 2 years, I quit my job at Sanoma to work on Your Little Black Book full time. So exciting! I worked at the company for 8 years, my entire corporate career. But I think no job can beat the feeling of seeing your own business grow bigger and bigger.

So last summer when I was laying at my beach bed I decided to quit my job! I’m just going to do it. And I didn’t regret that for a second yet!

It’s going really well with Your Little Black Book. The 100.000 unique visitors a month are almost there. Imagine… that are almost twice the amount of people that go to Lowlands. WOW! On social media I have 50.000 people who love the good life following @yourlbb. Are you one of them yet?

I hope my story is an inspiration for everyone who has a great idea and wants to do something with that. All you need is time and perseverance. A lot of time! All my free time went to working on Your Little Black Book the last few years. Luckily I write about fun things to do and is it nog that hard to combine my blogging life with my social life.

This past month was my first month as a full time entrepreneur and blogger. A month full of cool meetings, inspiring people and beautiful trips. Finally I have more time for meetings and creating new projects. I have to admit… I didn’t miss my job yet!

This coming period I’m working on many new things for Your Little Black Book. Some things behind the scenes… but trust me: 2015 is going to be a super cool year!

Some of the things I’m working on:

– I’m going to follow a video course at the The Why Girl aka Zarayda Groenhart! Doing something with video is on my wish-list for such a long time and I’m going to create a format for Your Little Black Book. This coming months I’m going to learn the tips and tricks of that business from this former BNN’er! I know many followers of Yourlbb have a blog of their own or work in the creative industry. I think there are still a few spots left! Click here for more info!

– High on my to do list is a better website for mobile devices. And better search functionalities. I won’t bother you with the rest of that technical to do list, but I can tell you that it’s long! Work in progress ;-0.

– When I first started Your Little Black Book I created an outfit to go with ever event or restaurant. Almost like a what to wear! Since I still think that’s so connected to the urban lifestyle I will add more lifestyle items to the blog. I discover so many cool things on my trips… I would be a pity not to do something with it!

– Another great advantage of being your own boss is the opportunity to travel even more. Beside the known city guides I’m going to create travel guides for long distance trips. Because I think that wherever you are… whether it’s Africa or Asia you always want to go to a nice restaurant or coffee bar!

Beside all these new dreams I also hope to learn a lot about entrepreneurship. Which is all new for me! I hope to learn you all about the art of urban travelling! Because that’s how it all started and that will always be the core of what I do. I’m a city girl!!

Love, Anne


Because I have so many ideas, I’m looking for feedback of YOU! And because I want to meet some of my follower in real life. I want to invite 10 peeps for a coffee date with me. 1 on 1!

Do you want to go out for coffee with me? Email me at anne@yourlittleblackbook.me and tell me a bit more about yourself (gender and age) and for how long you follow Your Little Black Book and how often you visit the website. Look forward hearing from you!

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