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Frites Atelier Amsterdam: for fries by Sergio Herman in The Hague, Arnhem, Antwerpen, Utrecht soon in Amsterdam

15 October 2017

zealandish potatoes, extraordinary condiments.. you’ll want to try these fries!

This past week I’ve been to The Hague and I couldn’t resist having some fries at Frites Atelier Amsterdam. Don’t expect ordinary, run-of-the-mill fries, but an establishment where it’s all about the best ingredients and ditto taste experience. They’re also opening a second business in Amsterdam, but you’ll probably understand I couldn’t wait that long. Frites Atelier Amsterdam can already be found in the following cities: Antwerp (where Sergio Herman’s top notch restaurant The Jane is also located), UtrechtArnhem and The Hague which I’ve visited recently.

In order to find the best potatoes for the fries, Sergio Herman spent months searching. It may be a coincidence, but he found the very best potatoes in Zeeland. I grew up there myself and if you taste very precisely you’ll indeed notice that the fries of Frites Atelier Amsterdam have a certain earthly taste to them. They also bake the fries with their thin peel, something I personally always find very tasteful.

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

During my last trip I’ve been convinced to try the Andalouse and truffle topping.

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

You don’t order a simple portion of fries with mayonnaise at Frites Atelier Amsterdam… Oh no, all the toppings are well thought out and they really make it complete. The ‘stoverij’ is really popular and it’s based on a classic recipe, with brown table beer and it is finished with inlaid mustard seeds. During my last trip I’ve been convinced to try the Andalouse and truffle topping. A very good choice! The Andalouse is a bit spicy and the truffle topping is simply to die for. As for the rest, you can pick different flavours like béarnaise, classic, Asian curry and there’s also an alternating topping of the season. Good to know: all the flavours do not contain preservatives, scents, colour and flavouring additives.

To sum it up: you’ll want to try these fries yourself. To say it in Sergio’s own words… They’re ‘fucking perfect’.

Fun fact: the interior of the locations are designed by Piet Boon.

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

frites atelier amsterdam can be found in these cities:

Have you gotten hungry and do you want to taste this yellow gold by Sergio Herman for yourself?  Frites Atelier Amsterdam has several locations throughout the country. Below you’ll find all the addresses lined up!

Frites Atelier Amsterdam // Antwerp
Korte Gasthuisstraat 32
2000 Antwerp

Frites Atelier Amsterdam // Utrecht 
Steenweg 56
3511 JS Utrecht

Frites Atelier Amsterdam // The Hague
Venestraat 7
2511 AR The Hague

Frites Atelier Amsterdam // Arnhem
Vijzelstraat 16
6811 ET Arnhem

Do you live in Amsterdam? Good news, because it’s established that there’s a location of Frites Atelier Amsterdam coming soon in Amsterdam. But when exactly? As soon as more is known about this you’ll of course read it as one of the firsts on Your Little Black Book!

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

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