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11 x the best fries in Amsterdam that you want to eat ASAP

8 June 2017

looking for tasty fries in amsterdam? this is where you get them!

Want to eat some fries? We totally understand. Every now and then, we also get those cravings at the Yourlbb office. Regularly we’re craving fries with mayonaise, or some special fries like the ones with paprika powder or truffle oil and parmesan cheese. We listed the best fries in Amsterdam for you (and ourselves). From classic french fries to fries with paprika powder or sweet potato fries. Enjoy!

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11 x the best fries in amsterdam to try now

Friet Fabriek: At the Friet Fabriek it’s all about good fries. Here you order freshly made and crunchy fries. You want to try these, believe us!

Par Hasard: In Old-South in the Pijp you’ll find Par Hasard. Lucky for us, because this friterie doesn’t only have the best fries, but also the best ‘frikadellen’ of the city. Ps: you can order a meter fries here, fun for a fries night with friends!

Kopstootbar: Close to the Leidseplein and craving some fries? The Kopstootbar it is. Here they have fries with dragon mayonaise and paprika powder. Sounds strange, tastes amazing. Perfect to order as a side dish to go with your steak-frites.

Donnies: Fries with some peel, our favourite! Donnies has moved from the Gerard Douplein in the Pijp to the Rozengracht. Order a healthy kebab with it. Good news for vegetarians, they have a vegetarian option as well!

San George: Eating fries at an Italian restaurant? Yes, that’s possible. But fries the Italian way of course. Order a Gnocchi pasta & fries with Aglio & Peperoncino of with Parmigiano & Truffle. SO good. You want to try them!

fries in amsterdam

san george

Thrill Grill: For 3 different kinds of fries you should go to Thrill Grill. They have the classic French fries (you can’t go wrong with those), but also Umami fries and fries with truffle oil and parmesan cheese (!!). Doesn’t that sound way too good?

Vleminckx: Oh yes, for good Belgian Fries you have to be at Vleminckx. It might doesn’t look like the place with the best fries, but yes, this is where you get them for sure! Chances are that you have to stand in line, but it’s worth it. Trust us. Btw, you can choose between more than 25 different sauces. Hawaii sauce, joppiesauce..

Rotisserie: Want a good juicy burger (with fries ;-))? Go to Rotisserie. They have burger, turbo cheese fries (YAY!) and a lot of GT’s. This is going to be a fun night, I can feel it.

Our newest lists

Frites Atelier: A star cook with his own fries place, it’s true! Tasty fresh fries and you can choose between 5 sauces:  béarnaise, classic, Asian curry, truffel en andalouse. Which one are you going for?

Frietboutique: It all started with IJs Boutique, but later on Frietboutique followed. We don’t mind at al! Order a milkshake to go with your fries. You can choose between the ice cream flavours which they have at the IJs Boutique!

Feel Food: Healthy fries and a burger, wraps or tasty salad? Yes, you can get those at Feel Food! Everything is pure and honest. Sweet potato fries with a vegan burger. We don’t say no to that!

We get our fries in Amsterdam at these spots, where do you get yours?

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