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I LOVE… Detox slow juice from Frecious!

13 May 2013

I LOVE… Frecious!

As you all know I eat out a lot, have a busy job with an online publisher and am hooked to cappuccino. So once in a while I like to take it slow and be more aware of my body and mind. To clear my mind running or Pilates are my favourite work-outs. To stay healthy and be sure I eat enough greens I tried tons of things! Since my life doesn’t really have a set schedule I don’t eat at regular times and for the greens it depends m the restaurant where I eat what the best option is. To stay healthy I tried weed grass shakes, snack boxes with vegetables and all for a few days and then the discipline is gone again… So I was very happy that a friend of mine introduced me to slow juice. Slow juice is juice pressed way slower than you would normally do at home with a juice maker. That way more of the vitamins and minerals stay in the juice and the vitamins are easier to process for your body. Frecious delivers the show juices to your home frozen. That way you can keep them in the fridge and they stay good longer. Last week I did a mild detox using the Frecious slow juices. That means you take the juice three times a day and eat normal, but healthy. Since I’m such a cappuccino junk I didn’t drink any coffee for a week!

Mild detox with slow juice

Frecious sells slow juice in three different flavours:
Carrot Care – purifies the body and makes your immune system stronger.
Heart Beet – purifies the body and regulates your blood pressure.
Celery Slim – purifies the body and stimulates losing wait.
They all taste good! Nothing like the dirty taste of weed grass at all. I liked the celery slim the most, it was a bit spicy I would say.
For the mild detox you take Frecious three times a day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink water before and after drinking the slow juice. It’s advised to chew the juice when drinking it. Hilarious right? My new colleagues probably think I’m crazy now ;). But it’s better for the process they say.

The results of the mild detox

After one week of slow juice I feel so healthy! Being sure that I eat enough greens every day makes me feel good. I didn’t loose any weight though. But I have to admit that I had a few nights out with lots of food since I had some blog related dinners to attend ;). I love the easiness in using Frecious, just take it with you to work or other activities and no hassle to make shakes yourself.

Win a slow juice kit!

I already placed my second order and worked out a deal so you can try it too! You can win a slow juice box valued € 39,-. Just like me on Facebook and send me a message there what your number one detox place would be! I’m dreaming away thinking of a tropical island already :-). You can enter the competition till May 22th.
Look forward to hearing from you!
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