Franggo Amsterdam: for Portuguese chicken in the Pijp

Franggo Amsterdam

visit Franggo Amsterdam if you have chicken cravings

When we first heard of Franggo Amsterdam, a new Portuguese chicken spot on the Albert Cuypstraat, we suddenly realized that there are indeed not a lot of Portuguese restaurants in Amsterdam. While the Portuguese cuisine is super good. I immediately think of Pastel de Nata (a pastry filled with vanilla cream), Polvo (buttery, fresh squid) and the Torradas (toasted bread with butter). I’m already in the mood to book a ticket to Portugal. Except for the Portuguese chicken, because we can order that one in Amsterdam from now on.

At Franggo Amsterdam you get roasted chicken that’s prepared in a typical Portuguese way. They are cut and folded in open, placed in a special grill grid and roasted on charcoal. This way they stay juicy! At Franggo Amsterdam you can order a half or whole chicken, with sauce or without, with fries, salad, rice or potato. You can order a whole meal over here! Stay-in and order a Portuguese drink or take the roasted chicken from Franggo back home to eat it in front of the TV on the couch.

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Photocredits: Franggo

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