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Hoax >> Foodsy Amsterdam: restaurant without staff in West

2 November 2015

tap your own beer and cook your own meal at foodsy amsterdam

Last week we wrote about the opening of a very special new concept in Amsterdam: Foodsy – a staffles restaurant. During the opening weekend it turned out that Foodsy was a hoax! After three days, Foodsy already closed its doors. It was a stunt by FNV Horeca to create awareness for the importance of horeca staff, that is many times underpaid and undervalued. Did they fool you too? ;-)

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We already thought it was a bit strange to go to a restaurant where you have to cook yourself, poor your own wine and even do your own dishes. Working while going out for a nice dinner: not our favourite thing. And making a reservation was impossible, because Foodsy was not reachable by phone. Instead you could just walk in and see what was on the menu on a sign. And the next step was that you had to cook this menu yourself! Well, turned out it was all a joke. Let’s leave the cooking for at home. In a restaurant we want to be helped by staff that is treated well!

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Foodsy Amsterdam
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