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Following Lucy Amsterdam: nice clothing store in West

13 March 2015

Shopping in the J.P. Heijestraat at Following Lucy Amsterdam

Following Lucy Amsterdam is a nice clothing store in West. Whether you are looking for a casual (but always fashionable) outfit to wear to work or a more sexy outfit for the weekend, here you are at the right place! But they also sell scarves here, hats and bags.

Whenever I’m at the J.P. I sneak in to see the latest collection. I just can’t help my self. Nice shops make me greedy! And if you’re not ready to go home yet after a visit to Following Lucy Amsterdam, you can go always go to Gesponnen Suiker across the street!

Following Lucy Amsterdam

Address: Jan Pieter Heijestraat 119, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam West
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Anne de Buck

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