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Our 28 favourite flex working spaces in Amsterdam city centre, East, West, North & South

31 October 2017

these are the flex working spaces where you get things done!

Anyone who’s an entrepreneur like me will recognize this… you’re (almost) always working, anytime and anywhere. Your Little Black Book is now already six years old and I’ve come to know the best flex working spots in every area of the city. From flex spots that are perfect for an entire day of working that have all the business-like facilities, to hotspots where you can use your laptop when you’re in between meetings. For anyone who’s working as an entrepreneur, or founded their own start-up like I did, ASUS held a National Flex Space Test this fall to announce the 25 best flex working spaces in The Netherlands. Curious as to what the results of this test were? It will be revealed on November 9!

Discover the 25 best flex working spaces of The Netherlands here >>

28 x my favourite flex working spaces in amsterdam

Because I’m personally ‘on the go’ a lot and everyday’s a different day for me, so I’ve lined up my favourite flex working spaces in Amsterdam for ASUS. A couple of tips for every district of the city so you always have a spot to get some work done and lift your great projects to a next level. Will you bump into me while I’m busy working on my ZenBook? It’s always nice to come and say hello!

8 x best flex working spaces in the amsterdam city centre

ZOKU: Perhaps one of the best flex working spaces of Amsterdam. When I say that Zoku is situated on the Weesperstraat you’d probably guess that it’s in the East of Amsterdam, but it’s actually on the border of the centre. Zoku is an official flex working spot and you can either choose to pay a fee per day or per month to work here. A day pass is € 25,- and that includes lunch (which is excellent here by the way) and a monthly pass costs a little less than € 150,-. If you happen to have an official meeting or perhaps a kick-off of a new project this location certainly is inspiring. You can also rent seperate meeting rooms and during the summer they have a nice roof terrace where you can sit! Weesperstraat 105
The Hoxton: Whenever I’m off for an entire day of working I always keep into account that it’s at a location that actively promotes welcoming flex workers and that it’s not a small location where they prefer to ‘sell’ my table to a different customer every hour, while I’m working on my laptop. As an entrepreneur I personally feel that you should consider other entrepreneurs as well! The location should have a homey feel to it and you don’t want to feel like you’re not welcome anymore as soon as you have almost finished your cappuccino. In the heart of Amsterdam I prefer to work in the lobby of The Hoxton. Downstairs it’s an overload of people who have meetings there (I always run into familiar faces which is also fun!), but upstairs it’s a lot more quiet. Since recently they’ve hired a barista who’s also great at some cute latte art and I’ve got to admit that this can really make my day when I’m facing a huge deadline and feel a little stressed out! Herengracht 255

Toki: This hotspot opens as early as 7.30 in the morning, which is a big plus and that makes it a perfect location if you want to plan an early meeting or are facing a deadline en want to work on that as early as possible. It’s really ligt in here and if you want to work for some hours between your meetings this spot is perfect. Binnen Dommersstraat 15
Het Warenhuis: Another spot that’s full of light in the Haarlemmer area. I prefer to sit as close to the giant windows as possible in order to fully enjoy all the daylight. Haarlemmerstraat 65
Metropolitain: Close to the Rokin, this is one of my usual spots to open my ZenBook and get some work done. They also have a great breakfast here so that’s another reason to come here early. Good to know: it can get pretty busy in the afternoon. Rokin 81
Two: You might recognize this spot as Two For Joy, but since recently it’s just called Two. Great coffee and in the back there are spots where you can work in some peace and quiet. Haarlemmerdijk 182
Bocca: If you’re going to work here you won’t lack good coffee to be productive. Because as the name might suggest they serve Bocca coffee here like no other. Personally I’m very much fond of the light space and because this is a spot in the Kerkstraat that isn’t very striking at first sight, it’s a true hidden gem of a working spot if you ask me. Kerkstraat 96HS
Vinnies: It’s actually always crowded at Vinnies! Because of that it’s not a spot to hang out all day with just one cup of coffee, but it’s perfect to get a drink and a bite in between meetings and open your laptop while multi-tasking. Haarlemmerstraat 46


6 x best flex working spaces in the east of amsterdam

Volkshotel: If you happen to follow Your Little Black Book for some longer time, you probably know that I live in the East of Amsterdam. The opening of the Volkshotel was a huge happening at the time. It was the first spot in the area of the Wibautstraat where entrepreneurs could work the entire day without any costs. I still frequently visit this spot and especially in the summer this is a recommendation, because you can visit the rooftop bar Canvas on the 7th floor for some drinks. Wibautstraat 150
The Pool: Right across the Volkshotel you’ll find the Student Hotel and as an entrepreneur you’re more than welcome there. The interior with its Miami colours and joyful vibe always give me a healthy dosis of some working vitamins. Also nice: they serve a very affordable lunch when you’re in need of a break. Wibautstraat 131

Bar Botanique: Judging on the interior, this still is one of my favourite hotspots in Amsterdam. I love to come here for an early breakfast meeting or for a late meeting at the end of the day. And then you’re already close to the cozy Javastraat for some dinner. Eerste Van Swindenstraat 581
Hartje Oost: It’s actually a store, but on the weekly days when it’s not that busy with the shopping crowd this makes a perfect spot to process some mails before you head off to your next meeting. Javastraat 23
Stek: When the weather’s good it’s lovely here out on their terrace when you have a meeting, but I’ve got to say that inside’s not bad as well. You and your laptop can have a seat at the large table! Wibautstraat 95
Benji’s: Tall windows, an urban jungle, great coffee, tasty sandwiches… all of the ingredients that are perfect for me when I want to move my work to an inspiring place! Wibautstraat 196

6 x best flex working spaces in the south of amsterdam

CIRCL: A sustainable workspace situated on the Zuidas. This concept by the ABN-Amro has a workspace, a restaurant and a rooftop and it’s the perfect place to do some working when you’re in the area of the Zuidas. Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
De Stadskantine: During the evening and in the afternoon you can get a daily special here for few money. For the rest of the day I personally like the spot in front of the window to get some work done on your laptop. Chances are you’ll get a bit distracted by everything that’s happening on the busy Van Woustraat, but oh well… daydreaming is also good for the creativity! Van Woustraat 120

Hutspot: Chances are very slim that you honestly come in here only to do some working. As this is one of the nicest concept stores in Amsterdam. On the upstairs floor you can get some work done while enjoying a fresh mint tea! Van Woustraat 4
Dignita: They now have two locations and they’re also situated in the lovely Hoftuin, but when you’re in the Old South of Amsterdam and you’re looking for a place to work on your laptop with a good cup of coffee this is the place for you. Koninginneweg 218
CT Coffee & Coconuts: I’ve spent my fair share of hours at CT Coffee & Coconuts when I had just quit my job to work on Your Little Black Book fulltime. Especially early in the morning this is a great spot for some working on the top floor. After noon it can get a little crowded so make sure to keep that into account. Ceintuurbaan 282-284
Stroom: Stroom is located just around the corner of CT Coffee & Coconuts and has been open for a while now. Another spot in the Pijp where it’s great to work on that one project for a couple of hours! Ferdinand Bolstraat 151

6 x best flex working spaces in the west of Amsterdam

Wilde Westen: If you happen to live in the East of Amsterdam just like me, the Wilde Westen is more the ‘far’ West, but for whoever lives in the neighbourhood, this is a great spot where you can easily spend the entire day working. If you prefer some more privacy they also provide office space that you can rent, for whoever wants to take his or her business to the next level! Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1
Kanarie Club: A big plus of the Kanarie Club is that they open on weekly days as early as 8.30 in the morning. It’s great to have a seat at the large reading table and it’s also a big asset that you can get some dim sum (or something else to your liking) at the Foodhallen next door. Bellamyplein 51

Bar Spek: In my opinion, Bar Spek remains a nice and cozy café in the West of Amsterdam to have some drinks with friends. And that is exactly the reason why I’m inclined to settle me and my laptop here whenever I have a meeting during the week in this neighbourhood! Admiraal de Ruijterweg 1
White Label Coffee: For anyone who loves a good cup of coffee (and what coffee drinker doesn’t love that…) came to the right address at White Label Coffee. There are not that many seating places, so it’s not a spot to spend the entire day but it’s perfect to get your cafeine boost and to quickly check your mail! Jan Evertsenstraat 136
Ebeling: It’s been situated here for quite a while, but Ebeling had a pretty big renovation not that long ago. They have lots of seating spots inside so chances are you can get a quiet spot here during the day to get some work done! Overtoom 52
Edel: The establishment where Edel is situated still impresses me. It’s a perfect spot to do some working during the week. Of perhaps on a Friday and straightly go to the Friday afternoon drinks at Edelwise. For those days it’s best to check the website beforehand for the agenda! Postjesweg 1

2 x best flex working spaces in the north of amsterdam

Chances are you’re either in the area of the Overhoeksplein or at the NDSM wharf looking for a place to work in the North of Amsterdam. And because of that I have the perfect tip for both location where you can spend the entire day, or quickly catch up on your e-mail in between two meetings.

The Butcher Social Club: Did you know that this spot is open 24 hours a day? If you happen to be working here odds of resisting a burger for lunch are pretty slim. This hotspot is also functioning as the lobby of the Sir Adam hotel and it’s my favourite spot for meetings and to get some work done close to the ferry at the other side of the Central Station of Amsterdam. Overhoeksplein 7
PLLEK: At the NDSM wharf PLLEK is my go-to spot to meet up or to get some work done. What I personally really appreciate is that it’s really light in here. During lunch and in the afternoon it can get pretty crowded, but during the rest of the day it’s a great spot to get your work done. Tt. Neveritaweg 59

25 more tips from the national flex space test

Are you more a type for an official flex working space of perhaps the type that prefers to do some working in a coffee place? In the National Flex Space Test you can find the best tips, divided into three categories:

(1) the best flex working space nationwide

(2) the best flex working space in horeca

(3) the best local flex working space of The Netherlands

Amsterdam Bucketlist
Canal Cruise by day or in the evening
A bike tour through Amsterdam OR Rent a bike by yourself
The best view over Amsterdam from the A’DAM Lookout
Visit Artis Royal Zoo
Rijksmuseum with the Dutch masters
Van Gogh Museum, a staple in Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum for modern art lovers
MOCO Museum for street art
Photography museum FOAM
Amsterdam Light Festival (during winter months)
Cruise like a local with your own boat (great with good weather!)
Discover the Instagrammable experience WONDR
Red Light District tour
Get out of town and into the Dutch country side of Giethoorn

| TIP: Buy an I amsterdam City Card. Save money on entrance fees to museums and attractions, public transport and profit from discounts on everything from restaurants to concerts. You can also skip some lines to make the most of your time in Amsterdam! You can buy a card for 24 hours up to 120 hours. Check the prices here >>

Our favourite hotels:
Generator Hostel: the best poshtel of the city located in a park.
The Student Hotel: budget proof in trendy East.
Het Volkshotel: affordable and with a cool rooftop bar.
CitizenM: all you need is that XL bed (location near Amstel is great).
Motel One: budget design hotel with locations at
Hotel V: with two locations and a great restaurant, in the city center and East.
Sir Adam: with the coolest view over Amsterdam.
Sweets: a unique stay in former bridge houses.
Park Plaza Vondelpark: located next to Vondelpark and beautifully renovated.
Hotel Dwars: small scale around the corner of the trendy Utrechtsestraat.
Pillows Anna van den Vondel: great hotel close to Vondelpark.
Hotel Mercier: new hotel in the cosy and historic Jordaan district.
INK Hotel: lifestyle hotel in the heart of the city.
The Hoxton: favourite lifestyle hotel right on the canals.
Morgan & Mees: boutique hotel in Amsterdam West.
Conscious Hotel Westerpark: in a beautiful building at the industrial Westergas area.
QO Amsterdam: eco design hotel with a great skybar.
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: if you have something to celebrate this is the one.
Pulitzer Amsterdam: on the canals at the border of the Nine Streets and the Jordaan.
L’Europe: this hotel has the best spa with a view in Amsterdam.
Conservatorium Hotel: located in one of the most beautiful buildings in town.
W Amsterdam: with great restaurants and a rooftop bar with swimming pool.

More hotspots in Amsterdam

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