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16 X ideas for the perfect first date in Amsterdam

8 January 2019


Do you have a first date in Amsterdam coming up, but no idea where you’re going to take your date? No worries, we got this! We know like no other than a first date can be very exciting and nerve-wracking, you obviously want to give the best impression. That’s why we put the best ideas for a first date in Amsterdam on a list. From things to do to the best restaurants with the tastiest snacks. Have fun!

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Pllek: Pllek is a place that has everything. In the summer you can have a drink together on the sand, have a bite to eat in the restaurant, check out the exhibition, go to a party in the evening, or take a yoga class together the morning after!

Rayleigh & Ramsay: At this wine bar you decide yourself how full the glasses are going to be. Better said: the perfect date! Even when you don’t like your date it’s perfect, just pour  more wine in the glasses so you’ll be home soon.

Beer breweries: Who doesn’t like beer? Take your date to one of these 11 awesome beer breweries in Amsterdam and try some local beer. Try something new and see where it leads too ;-)

© Pllek, Amsterdam

G’s: Not brave enough yet to meet your date for an evening date? Go to G’s for a boozy brunch in the Jordaan or in the Pijp. The vibe is super laid back and the french toast with bacon is to die for! The cocktails are by the way also amazing.

Café van Mechelen: Do you and your date both like special beers? Start off your date at Cafe van Mechelen in Amsterdam South. Here you can both enjoy some beers and try a nice beerplatter with cheese! Is the night going well? Stay and try the hamburgers, which are also really good!

Cocktail Bars: Tipped by Mr. Cocktail, here’s a list of 5 cocktail bars that you probably didn’t know yet. Explore these unknown territories together!

Our newest lists

(Food)festival: The market and (food)festival is upon us. Keep an eye on the agendas to see if there’s a nice festival you guys can go to together. The vibe is always great, so it’ll definitely be a successful date.

De FoodHallen: Take your date to the FoodHallen in Amsterdam West and stroll past the foodstands and order the tastiest snacks to share. Everything going according to plan? Stop by the neighbors (FilmHallen) and catch a movie.

Libertine Café: Libertine Café is our favorite all day spot in the Nine Streets. The atmosphere is always good, just like the food. Had enough to eat and drink? Have a nice walk over the canals, Amsterdam is so romantic at nighttime! 

first date in Amsterdam

Libertine Café

Concerten: Every weekend there are so many concerts that are perfect for a first date. Keep an eye on the Weekend Guide to see what’s coming up!

Picknick: Something that stays romantic is having a picknick in the park. Via foodora you can order several picknicks, perfect if you don’t have the time or energy to go to the store yourself. That’s why we selected our favourite picknick to order spots. Don’t forget the glasses!

Amsterdam Bucketlist: The Amsterdam Bucketlist is the ultimate guide for your date. Whether you want to do something during the day or in the evening, do an activity or eat something, there will definitely be something on the list that you both want to do. Like the over the edge swing on the rooftop of A’DAM Toren!


first date amsterdam

More hotspots in Amsterdam

Pop-ups: Keep an eye on the several pop-up restaurants and events in the city. Think of our favourite ceviche pop-up; Sjefietshé or Zomerlicht on the island Pampus where you need to go by boat. Nice if you want to do something different!

Not in the mood for drinks or to go for dinner? Go to the movies together, or a museum. We put our favourites on a list!

Have fun!

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