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Tried and tested at the W Hotel in Amsterdam: a celebrity facial from Su-Man

4 November 2015

looking for a luxury facial? go to su-man in w hotel Amsterdam!

I have to admit something: I pay too little attention to my skin care. Scrubbing? I always have something better to do. Taking off my make-up? No time! Putting creme on my face? Only when I really have to. And I haven’t had a facial in years. The result is that some lines and wrinkles are suddenly showing in my face. Oops! So when I heard Su-Man was in town, the celebrity facialist, I booked a treatment immediately. In the just opened W Hotel.

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Su-Man might be unknown to you, but she has already been performing luxury face treatments for ten years. She even does her facials on celebrities. I do get why now, because wow, the facial was very special. We started with a skin analysis. It turned out my skin was pretty dry, and that I had to hydrate better. And let me tell you: now I put on cream every day! ;-) After that, my skin was steamed and all the impurities and dead skin cells were removed. It ended with a mask that was to die for. Not only does she use nice, soft products for this, but she also spoils you with a long massage of your head, neck and shoulders. After the treatment, I truly felt like a new person! And if I may believe Su-Man, I looked ten years younger after the treatment as well. I went home with a few red spots (but hey, that’s part of any facial), but moreover: a glowing, happy skin! Su-Man W Hotel Amsterdam

When Su-Man, who lives in London, is in Amsterdam again you have to book a treatment. Or when you’re in London of course!  I can’t wait to see her again. From now on I’m taking real good care of my face, and every once in a while a facial is part of that! Do you want to feel reborn too? Book a treatment!

Nice to know: Su-Man has her own skin collection. She uses this during the treatment; everything smells and feels so nice… You want to have this at home as well!


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