Tested at Face Body Bar: botox for the scar from my bike accident

6 July 2017

and the real reason why i hated photos with me in it…

Well, how should I start this blog. The best thing is to just watch the video, because that’s how I can really explain to you why, after years of doubt, I’ve decided to sedate my forehead with botox. And no, it’s not because I’m scared of wrinkles that come with age. No, I’ve tested this because I’ve had a serious bike accident a couple of years ago where the lasting effects of it only became clear after a year.

I felt that it should be done and over with all the crying whenever I was with my best friends and had one too many drinks after a nice dinner. And the cursing and raving after having taken 30 pictures where not one among those hid the scar well enough to my liking had to be over as well. It made me CRAZY. And I’m guessing that also applies to the people around me sometimes. By sharing this personal video I’m hoping to close this chapter once and for all. Watch the video where I explain it all below:

Upon recommendation of some of my friends I went to have a talk with the team of  Face Body Bar by Doctors Inc a couple of months ago. Apparently the grieve of an accident is buried deep when you have to look in the mirror every day and the only thing you see is a muscle that lives his very own life. A scar that’s deep and not always visible like that of a cut or stitches. But one that I, if I had the guts sooner, shouldn’t have waited two years to do something about it.

I consciously waited with writing this blog until the first time of the botox was wearing out. Because I wanted to know for a 100% if I would do it again. And I can now tell you the answer to that question is YES. The past 10 weeks I’ve been relieved from the muscle contractions above my eyebrow and now that this is gradually coming back, it bring the old irritation back as well.

The reason I wanted to share this personal story with you is because I think that it’s also appropriate to share that cosmetic procedures don’t also have the purpose of making the body even more beautiful. Sometimes the only thing you want is to have it back to how it used to be. You can honestly do so much more with botox and fillers than to stop the process of aging. Like counteract teeth gritting in your sleep and making your nose symmetric again if you’ve broken it. If you have doubts like I did, please go and talk to the team of Doctors Inc sometime if you have issues like this as well. It never hurts to try.


PS: this video was made in collaboration with Doctorc Inc.




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