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Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam: restaurant hotspot at De Baarsjes

17 November 2013

Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam: foodie hotspot at De Baarsjes!

New West gets trendier every month. Hotspots like Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam pop-up and all the hipsters and yuppies get on their bikes to go there. The people behind Fa. Pekelhaaring opened a second restaurant and café in this upcoming neighbourhood De Baarsjes. Every since the opening Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam is a huge success! Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam is a restaurant in the Nouveau Ruig scene. Rough and affordable cuisine, love it!


What’s on the menu at Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam?

Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam opens at 10.00 am and is the perfect café and restaurant for every part of the day. From coffee to dinner, the menu is extensive and seasonal. I’m always happy with the choice of savory pies on the menu at Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam. I just love them! I can also recommend the meat plate (large enough to share as a starter!) and the different ‘beasts’ they have.

3 reasons to go to Fa. Speijkervet Amsterdam:

– They have a lovely large terrace with picnic tables. Just squeeze in there and socialize!
Origin of the food and seasonal harvest are important for the chefs. And you also want to know what the footprint is of the meat or vegetables on your plate, right?
– The famous white chocolate cheesecake they serve at Fa. Pekelhaaring is also on the menu at Speijkervet :-).

Fa. Speijkervet

Admiraal de Ruyterweg 79

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)

Anne de Buck

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