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SEE in October: 13 x beautiful exhibitions in Amsterdam

16 October 2017

Let’s get arty farty, visit these exhibitions in Amsterdam

Want to do a cultural activity in Amsterdam today? No problem! There are enough interesting museums and art galleries in our capital. That’s why we made a selection here on Your Little Black Book, with expos we think would be interesting for you. In the Amsterdam Art Guide, we monthly share the most amazing exhibitions in Amsterdam which you don’t want to miss. Enjoy! Ps: don’t forget to visit the museum shops, here they have the nicest books!

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13 X exhibitions in Amsterdam to see this month

Tropenmuseum – Fashion Cities Africa: At this new exhibition in the Tropenmuseum you get to know the fashion scenes in the four major African cities: Casablanca, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lagos. Many fashion designers, bloggers and stylists from these cities have become popular on social media worldwide. With their designs, photos and videos, they inspire fashion lovers everywhere. Fashion designers like Said Mahrouf (Casablanca), Marianne Fassler (Johannesburg), Maki Oh (Lagos) show their work in this exhibition.
Until January 2019

Tassenmuseum Hendrikje – Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend: In this new exhibiton the most remarkable pieces of the Rijksmuseum’s accessory collection are shown. Including parasols, umbrellas, hats, hair accessories, sjawls, gloves, shoes and stockings. These hidden fashion treasures are usually stored in the Rijksmuseum depot, but from until January 28 2018 you can see them in Tassenmuseum Hendrikje.
Until January 28 2018

Tropenmuseum – Heden van het slavernijverleden: With their exhibition Heden van het slavernijverleden, the Tropenmuseum wants to make the visitor aware of the current legacy of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. Slavery and the stories of the slaves are part of a joint, shared and black-and-white past. A past that co-forms and influences Dutch society.

Museum van Loon – Ferdinand Bol: After studying at Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol became one of the most important and successful painters of his time. This fall, the painting collection of Ferdinand Bol is shown in the coach house of Museum Van Loon. The seventeenth century painter was the first inhabitant of the canal house at Keizersgracht 672, the current Museum Van Loon.
Until January 8 2018

exposities in AmsterdamFerdinand Bol, Zelfportret, ca. 1669. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam © Museum van Loon

Stadsarchief – Kijk Amsterdam 1700-1800: This fall you can visit the Stadsarchief for the first overview of Amsterdam’s 18th century cityscapes. City drawings by artists like Jacob Cats, Reinier Vinkeles, H.P. Schouten and Jan de Beijer show you the unrivaled development of Amsterdam in detail. The Dam square, the canals, the churches: no other place was drawn as often as Amsterdam.
Until January 14 2018

Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Gamechangers, maritieme innovaties: This exhibition brings the visitor along over 25 appealing innovations from Dutch maritime history that have influenced Dutch society as well as shipping. Or might influence, because potential contemporary pioneers also come across.
Until July 1 2018

LAST CALL: Moco Museum – Banksy – Laugh Now: On the ground floor you can go to Banksy: Laugh Now. About 50 works can be seen here from the street art legend, and you have to see it at least once. It’s the first time in history that there’s an exhibition with the work of Banksy. You can also go to the beautiful exhibition of Salvador Dalí. 28 years ago one of the most famous artists died and his most iconic work as for example the melting clocks and tables with ‘high heels’ are ready to be seen at the Moco Museum.
Salvador Dalí till October 31 2017
Banksy till October 31 2017

Foam – André Kertész: Mirroring Life: In this exhibition the work of American photographer André Kertész (1894-1985) is central. André Kertész is known for his special contribution to the visual language of photography in the 20th century. The retrospective, with mainly black and white photo prints but also a selection of colour photographs, shows his unique and creative ability to create a (new) reality by using unusual compositions.
Until January 10 2018

Nageur sous l’eau, Esztergom, Hongrie, 1917 © Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – Médiathèque de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Donation André Kertész

Foam – Foam Talent: In this exhibition the work of 20 international artists is shown, consisting of countless subjects and techniques. The works have been selected in response to the annual Talent Call. There were 1.790 entries from 75 different countries and this was therefore the largest so far. The selected works represent an overview of current developments in photography.
Until November 12 2017

Tropenmuseum – Body Art: In the Tropenmuseum you can go to Body Art. During Body Art you can see all kinds of body decoration which are used to create an identity. From scars to burn wounds, tattoos and implants. From all over the world and from every culture.
Until 30 July 2018 

Our newest lists

EYE Filmmuseum – Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Cao Guimarães: This fall you can go to the exhibition about the work of two prominent film artists: Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Cao Guimarães. With their accomplished work, they call for a world in which dream, sensory experience and reality come together. When you visit this exhibition you are challenged to let go of your rational thinking and structured life.
Until December 3 2017

LAST CALL: Stedelijk Museum – Jana Euler: High in Amsterdam, The Sky Of Amsterdam: At the exhibition High in Amsterdam, The Sky of Amsterdam, we can see ‘old’ work by the German artist Jana Euler, and work she has made specifically for Stedelijk Museum. Paintings, images and texts that can’t be described as one style, they are abstract and figurative. She knows how to deform and twist classical themes from art history, after which she confirms them with a dull and dry humor again. Jana challenges the perception and definition of reality and images.
Until October 15 2017

exposities in Amsterdam
High in Amsterdam, The sky of Amsterdam, 2015 Olieverf op canvas. Foto: Kristien Daem. – Jana Euler, Analysemonster, 2014, olieverf op canvas, courtesy: Jana Euler en Cabinet, Londen.

LAST CALL: Stedelijk Museum – Edward Krasiński: Krasiński was one of the most important artists from Eastern Europe. He was inspired by the pre-war avant-garde movements, one of them being the constructivism. His work mainly exists of dynamic sculpturen and big installations, which can now be seen at the Stedelijk Museum.
Until October 15 2017

Have fun at these exhibitions in Amsterdam!

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Photocredits: Museum van LoonFoamStedelijk Museum


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