14 x the best eggs benedict in Amsterdam to try right now

eggs benedict in amsterdam

eggs benedict in amsterdam? enough choice!

An egg (or two) for breakfast or lunch, we wouldn’t mind eating it everyday. Luckily there are many places in Amsterdam where you can order a yummy egg. Something you see on the menu a lot are the eggs benedict, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Not just delicious, also perfect for a hangover breakfast. We made a list with places where you can order the best eggs benedict in Amsterdam. Yum!

14 x the best eggs benedict in amsterdam

Café George: At Café George they don’t just have the eggs benedict on the menu, also some variations on this popular dish. With spinach or with salmon. We want to try them all!

De Wasserette: This popular lunch and coffee hotspot is located in the Pijp. Also available here: eggs benedict. Definitely worth a visit, not just the hotspot, but the neighbourhood.

Teds: Of course they have eggs benedict on the menu at this all day brunch hotspot. They don’t serve the eggs on an English muffin or brioche, but on a croissant. Sounds good!

The Lobby: Also at The Lobby, you can order good eggs benedict. Visit the location Nesplein, or the one located on the Fizaeustraat. They both serve this dish!

Gs: Gs is such a nice brunch spot in Amsterdam. The eggs benedict are soooo good, but don’t forget to try the french toast too.

eggs benedict in amsterdam

Omelegg: Do you often think that there are too less egg options on the menu? Go to Omelegg. They almost only serve egg dishes!

Drovers Dog: They already have 3 location in Amsterdam, and at two of those you can eat lunch/brunch and with of course: eggs benedict.

Staring at Jacob: Looking for a nice brunch spot? Visit Staring at Jacob, because they have plenty of tasty dishes on the menu, one of them being the ‘Not so kosher benny’: two poaches eggs, grilled challah, grilled salmon, bacon, cream cheese, caviar & hollandaise sauce, homemade fries and a salad. Hangover proof!

Metropolitain: At Metropolitain, then don’t have the original eggs benedict, but variations with salmon and avocado.

Dignita: Dignita has two location in Amsterdam, one near the Vondelpark and one at the Hoftuin. And at both they serve eggs benedict, but they call it: benny boy.

eggs benedict in amsterdam

Gartine: You can choose between 3 different eggs benedict here. With spinach, bacon or salmon. Which one is it going to be?

Bakers & Roasters: When you’re really gravin eggs, Bakers & Roasters is the place to be. They have a whole list with eggs dishes to choose from!

Louie Louie: Poached eggs? Oh yes they have the at Louie Louie. They have the classic one, but also some variations. Yay!

Greenwoods: Greenwoods knows what real egg lovers want. Choosing what you want to eat won’t be easy here. Because everything they have tastes good.

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Photocredits: Gs, Dignita

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