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Efteling Midsummer Night: 5 x fun things for 30-somethings

14 July 2015

Efteling Midsummer Night is also fun for grown-ups!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Efteling to experience the first edition of Efteling Midzomernacht myself. Well, that was so much fun! I actually have quite a bit of fears for heights, so you won’t see me near a fairground or theme park unless there’s more fun things to do there. And Efteling really has a lot of other things to do then the usual rides during events like the Efteling Midsummer Night. Here I listed 5 x fun things to do and tips while in your 30s so you have a blast on your next trip to the Efteling!


5 x fun at the Efteling

1. Efteling-app
Before you go, it would be wise to first download the Efteling-app on your phone. That’s because the Efteling Midsummer Night is only one evening a year and you’d want to do and see as much as you can. It’s really handy as a guide and has all the show times and routes in the park :-).

2. Food, food and drinks!
During the Efteling Midsummer Night there’s a little foodtruck festival going on where you can have some good food. Most foodtrucks are stationed at one field, but there are also a few good trucks elsewhere in the park. If you see you Smokey Goodness at the next edition, then definitely try out their food. Amazing meatballs and burgers, yum!

efteling-midsummer-night3. Aquanura & other shows
Take a “break” from time to time and enjoy one of the acts that are being performed everywhere in the park. I personally really liked the Aquanura show, that is very spectacular and only shown during special events.

efteling-midsummer-night4. The rides
Definitely go in one of the rides to get your daily dose of adrenaline for more excitement at the Efteling. So like I already said I have a fear of heights, but I went for it anyways and had a ride in the Bird Rok attraction. Since this one is completely in the dark, you can’t really tell how high you are, haha!

efteling-midsummer-night5. Silent disco
Efteling gets it, because during the Efteling Midsummer Night they also organised a little silent disco party! Enjoy a night of dancing in “the nature”, with a glass of Scroppino or a delicious ice cream. Can it get even better?

Enjoy your Midsummer Night next year if you’re going, I’m already looking forward to it myself!

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