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The Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam: for vegan burgers and shoarma

6 July 2017

A menu full of seaweed at the Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam

You probably saw or maybe even tasted the green burgers of The Dutch Weed Burger at one of the (food) festivals in Amsterdam. They served hundreds of vegan seaweed burgers from their food truck and you can find them on the menu in several restaurants in Amsterdam. After five years of serving burgers from a foodtruck, they now have their own restaurant The Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat, a side street of the Kinkerstraat in West. Nice!

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What can we get at The Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam? Besides the famous seaweed burger, you can also try other fast food snacks. Think of The Dutch Dog and Wish ‘n Chips. There is also Seawharma on the menu, like the the popular night snack shoarma. But, this one is made with seaweed, homemade seitan, shoarma spices and vegan garlic and tahin sauce. If we can believe the owners, this is so delicious, that meat lovers are also excited to order it. Now we’re curious!

healthy burgers at the Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam

We already know that seaweed tastes good because of our long sushi evenings with friends, but that it’s healthy, is still a bit unknown. Seaweed is full of proteins, fibers and minerals. The Dutch Weed Burger stumbled upon it when they did research for a sustainable solution to the global food problem. They immediately saw a chance and they took it!

Years later, we can order a healthy vegan seaweed burger at The Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam. Time to test them soon!

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The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)


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