6 x the best donuts in Amsterdam for all your sweet cravings

get the best donuts in amsterdam at these places

They are available in all colours and flavours. With topping or without, filled or just basic. We’re talking about donuts, the sweet pastry we all crave! I’m a real sweet tooth so I won’t say no if someone offers me a donut. But where you can get the best donuts in Amsterdam? We made a list with 6 x the tastiest donuts in Amsterdam. Let’s try them all!

6 x the tastiest donuts in amsterdam to try now

Corner Bakery: Believe us, you want to try the pancakes, the freakshakes and the donuts at Corner Bakery. Luckily they also have good sandwiches for people who don’t want something sweet, but if you’d ask me, I’d say you should try the pancakes and the donuts!

Rene’s Croissanterie: At Rene’s Croissanterie they have crêpes, home made pies, fresh sandwiches and donuts. I want one with chocolade and sprinkles, those are the best!

PEEJAYS Doughnuts: PEEJAYS Doughnuts on the Vijzelstraat is your new go to if you love home made donuts. Raspberry JameWhite Chocolate or Lemon Curd Meringue. Be warned, you will want to try them all!

donuts in amsterdam
harewood bakery

Harewood Bakery: Coffee and donuts, the perfect combination. At Harewood Bakery at the Albert Cuyp, they have donuts in all colours and flavours. Basic donuts, but also donuts with flavours like berries or chili mango.

Tasty Donuts & Coffee: Always hard deciding with donut you’re gonna get? Go to Tasty Donuts & Coffee, and it will get even harder. They have over 30 different ones here. Ps: order a fresh juice too!

Dunkin’ Donuts: Since a little while, Dunkin’ Donuts has been in Amsterdam and we’re so happy! They don’t just have different flavoured donuts, nope also in the coolest shapes (hello cookiemonster) with tasty stuffing.

Where do you get donuts in Amsterdam?


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