Disneyland Paris: 5 reasons to go while in your 30’s!

26 June 2015

Disneyland Paris only for kids? Hell no, I’ll show you how much fun it is for us 30-something’s.

Was I jumping for joy when I heard that we were going to Disneyland Paris? Mwah. I’m no fan of screaming kids (especially not a lot of them together), waiting lines and furry’s (who or what is in that suit). So was I skeptic? Oh yeah. But stick with me, ’cause I’ll show you why this will be a cool short mini-vacay when you’re in your thirties.

doornroosje kasteel disneyland parijs

1. Traveling in style – le Thalys to Paris

The fun and pampering starts right away! 1st class means free wifi (very slow though), free food and drinks and arriving fresh and funky in Paris in 3 hours. If I ever get that job in Paris (gotta have dreams people, gotta have dreams), traveling would be pas de probleme.

2. Going faster than gravity – the best Roller Coasters

By. Far. The scariest attraction I have EVER done. ‘The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’ is not for pussy’s. The name says it all. The 2nd time wasn’t any better. At least I kept my eyes open this time (well, most of the ride).
Also these rollercoasters rock: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Big Thunder Mountain and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.


3. The Feel Good Factor – The romantic side of Disney

Other favorite is newest attraction Ratatouille. In this 3D scene you have to run for your life. And you’re a mouse. Now how fun is that. Loved the movie. And now you’re actually in it.

The Efteling has ‘Carnaval Festival’, Disneyland has ‘It’s a Small World‘. The music is so sweet and cheesy, this will cheer up any grumpy person.
Other feel good spots are: Crush’s Coaster, Snow white, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor and Star Tours.
For a romantic dinner go to ‘The Blue Lagoon‘. “Outdoor” dining at the water, under low light lanterns and palm trees, it’s almost as if you really are having dinner on a deserted island. Reservations needed…
But we were unanimous on this one: THE most beautiful thing (and believe it or not, this came mainly from the guys) was ‘Disney Dreams‘ projected on Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Absolutely stunning.

4. Howdy Partner! – Line dancing and back to the 90’s

Oh boy, we had a blast in Billy Bob’s Saloon. This pick up place where locals dance their asses of at line dancing is just too hilarious. And don’t we 30-something’s all love 90’s music? Because after the line classics like ‘I like 2 move it’ and the ‘Macarena’ are played. Corny, but I just love sing a long’s for grown ups.

5. Fashionable Minnie Mouse – cheesy but we like!

Last year even at Asos they were a hit in all sizes and colors. In Disneyland everybody is wearing them (even one very handsome dad with his little girl which was toooo cute…). And they make the best Instagram photos of course… #minniemouseears
And if this isn’t enough you could always catch a train to Paris downtown. You’ll be there in 45 minutes, a one-way trip costs less than 8 euros.
For the best tips for bars, shops and restaurants please see Your Little Black Book’s Paris City Guide.

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Disneyland Paris

Website: disneylandparis.nl
Tickets Disneyland Paris: From € 62,-
Tickets one way Thalys 1e klas: From € 79,-
Tickets one way Thalys 2e klas: From € 29,-
How does the fastpass work? Several attractions have a fastpass entry. Get your ticket at the machine. Return on the given time. Our fastpass lane took us 15 minutes while waiting time at the normal lane was 120 (!) minutes.
Hours: Disneyland Park 10.00 – 23.00 hrs, Walt Disney Studio’s Park 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.


>> THIS IS HOW YOU GET THERE: with the Thalys via NS International it’s less than 4 hours by train to the heart of Paris. They often have great deals and tickets starting at € 29,-! Search for cheap train tickets to Paris here >>
1E: Hotel Henriette
2E: Ritz, Edgar, The Hoxton
3E: 1K Paris, Hotel Emile, Pavillon de la Reine, Hotel Jules & Jim
4E: Bourg Tibourg
5E: Hotel Le Lapin Blanc
6E: Hotel la belle Juliet
8E: Ministere Hotel
9E: Hotel du Nell, Hotel Amour
10E: Hotel Paradis, Hotel Grand Amour
11E: Mama Shelter, Hôtel Fabric
12E: Citizen M
13E: COQ Hotel Paris

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