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WOW: this Ancestry DNA test will show where you are really from

20 September 2016

curious about your roots? Anne did the Ancestry DNA test!

A few weeks ago I did something super exciting. I did an Ancestry DNA test! I hear you think… a WHAT? Well, it’s a DNA test that will tell you all about your roots… My last name is Buck which of course sounds pretty English. So I guess part of me is has British blood. My freckles and sometimes ginger glow in my hair second that thought I guess. I grew up in Zeeland and my mom’s last name likely comes from the French ‘Hugenoten’ that traveled there in the 17th century. But who am I really? I HAVE NO IDEA! Maybe  my roots are completely different than what I expect now. My roots can be in Africa or maybe I’m part Viking ;-). Without knowing I can have more in common with people from other cultures and other countries than I can imagine. For Your Little Black Book I travel all over the world and I think it would be even more special if I know that I have roots in one of those countries.

But who am I really? I HAVE NO IDEA!

That’s why I joined the Purpose Movement from Momondo. Perhaps you saw the cool video that they made a while ago to start this movement. It has over 8 million views on Youtube! If you missed it you can watch it below. It’s pretty impressive.

The philosophy of the Purpose Movement that Momondo started is that there would be less troubles in the world if people would know what they have in common. I totally agree with that, so “Let’s open our world”! About two weeks ago I did my Ancestry DNA Test and sent it to the lab to get the results. How exciting is that? In a few weeks I will now where I’m really from and my roots up to 1.000 years back in time. When I get the results I will of course share them here on the blog. Do you want to do an Ancestry DNA test yourself? You can find more information about the project here! 

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