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Dirt Candy, East Village, New York: Veggie Feast!

14 January 2014
Photo credit: Dirt Candy, East Village NYC

Unique and awesome dishes at vegetarian spot Dirt Candy!

I didn’t get it at first, its name. But now I do. Of course. “Dirt Candy”! It comes from all the flavorful vegetables that grow from seeds in the dirt to the lovely ingredients they use so well here.

I wanted to try it for a while now, but it’s difficult to reserve a table at this tiny cool spot. They accept walk-ins so you can try, but try before 6 or after 10, otherwise there’s probably no chance of getting a table.

It’s our first time eating at a complete vegetarian restaurant and boy how I like it! The boyfriend is your typical carnivore, but enjoys the amazing dishes that chef Amanda serves here.

The wine is officially the best price/quality wine we’ve had so far in the U.S. during these 6 months. Honestly, we were surprised. You should have seen our reaction. For 32 dollars!
This shows that it can be done people.

We start off with the Jalapeño Hush Puppies. A little bit of the sweet maple butter pairs perfectly with these puppies. They remind me of an “oliebol” which we eat on New Year’s day in the Netherlands (but then a sophisticated one).
The Mushroom starter is incredibly tasteful. It’s portobello mousse, truffled toast pear & fennel compote all separated which you combine yourself. Some describe this as the vegetarian version of foie gras. Or how Amanda likes to put it “faux gras”. Wow… all the flavors like the earthiness and creaminess of the portobello mousse, the sweetness of the pear and the savory of the toast just taste so good together.

It’s so cool to see how the dishes are being served. The warm Potato Salad with crispy Japanese yams, grilled sweet potato, olives, bitter greens and apples is like a noodle salad, only then not made of egg noodles but potato! To us Dutch potato-lovers this sounds like a revolution of the potato! This makes me think how much more interesting it could be to make dinner at home if you want to add some more no-meat-days (without “somebody” complaining).

As an entree we are having the salt-roasted Beets, Thai green curry, beet gnocchi, whipped coconut galangal cream. And we take the coconut poached Tofu, sea beans tempura, saffron sauce, Long beans with Moroccan herbs with sizzling rice. Yes, both completely surprising dishes and God so good.

I know I can do without, but in a restaurant like this you just need to have a dessert as well. As “we” only want one dessert to share (meh) we order the original and signature dish Rosemary Eggplant Tiramisu (with cotton candy of rosemary!). That’s right. All desserts are made of veggies. And man if I only knew how to make this one myself… Our dinner parties would be a huge success.
Am I a vegetarian? No. Am I in love with Dirt Candy? Yes! I can only hope that restaurants like these will start coming in the area where we live. Oh Amsterdam, I know you’re ready for this!

Dirt Candy, East Village NYC exterior and interior
Everything was outstanding. From the service (LOVED your enthusiasm Diana, you were great!) to the food.
Want to learn how to make unique vegetarian dishes yourself? Buy Dirt Candy’s cookbook!

Name: Dirt Candy
Address: 430 E 9th Street
Neighborhood: East Village, New York
Website: dirtcandynyc.com
Perfect for: Vegans, vegetarians and even real carnivores!
Price level: Average, best price/quality wine ever here in NYC

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