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Restaurant Derrière Paris: hotspot for dinner or brunch in Le Marais

6 January 2013

Restaurant Derriëre Paris: hidden gem in Le Marais

I love discovering new restaurants! Derriëre Paris is a bit hidden in Le Marais. You access the restaurant via the gate that leads to a beautiful inner courtyard. Restaurant Derriëre Paris is around for a while, but it’s trendy and has a very cool concept so it’s one to add to your Little Black Paris Book. The whole restaurant is decorated like a real house! Complete with a living room, a bath room and even a bed room full with funny details. We went to Derriëre for brunch because it was fully booked for dinner. The brunch is really great! They have a special brunch menu and you can order a starter and main course ánd you can get as much delicious food from the buffet as you like. And I can tell you… it’s good! Restaurant Derriëre Paris is in the same group as the trendy Sketch restaurants in London.

restaurant derriere paris le maraisrestaurant derriere paris le marais





Restaurant Derriëre Paris:

Address: 69, rue des Gravilliers, Paris
Neighbourhood: Le Marais
Price level: around € 35,- for brunch and € 75,- for dinner (incl. drinks)
Perfect for: dinner or brunch with friends or your lover.

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