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I LOVE… Dear Fashion Diary

15 June 2013

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Do you love fashion? Dear Fashion Diary is a new book that is all about discovering your own style! With lots of fun assignments you learn more about yourself and your inner fashionista. talked to Laura de Jong, a fashion entrepreneur from Amsterdam and co-writer of Dear Fashion Diary.

What was your inspiration for your book?

“In 2010 I started the Free Fashion Challenge. Participants of this project couldn’t buy new clothes for a whole year. For a lot of people fashion equals shopping, but fashion is so much more! With the Free Fashion Challenge I want to challenge people to use their existing clothes more creatively. To help with that process I came up with lots of assignments, like ‘document your wardrobe’ and ‘dress like the new runway trend without buying new clothes’. I discovered that a lot of girls like fashion very much, but they are uncertain about it too. With this book I hope to help people discover their own fashion style.”

What is your favourite assignment from Dear Fashion Diary?

“That’s ‘my colours’, an assignment where you map the colours that are in your closet. A lot of people choose to waer black clothes, while there is so much colour out there. I also like ‘Clothing Calculus’, where you calculate what you really spend on clothes. I think that will be an eye opener to a lot of people.”

What’s your personal fashion style and how did you discover it?

“In 2010 I didn’t shop for a whole year! This really helped me with discovering my personal style. At the end of the year I only wore 30% of my clothes. These clothes became the basis for my personal style and consists of colourful, eco and vintage dresses, cardigans and blouses.”

You can follow Laura de Jong on social media: @jongdelaura.

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