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De Tulp Amsterdam: a tropical paradise in the Pijp, also when the sun doesn’t shine

10 July 2017

for a tropical feeling in the city you go to de tulp amsterdam

Amsterdam has a new tropical paradise in the Pijp at Marie Heinekenplein. De Tulp Amsterdam makes sure that you don’t have to get on a plane to get that tropical feeling, you just have to jump on your bike. Last weekend they finally opened their doors after some successful try out weekends and I have to say, I also need a little bit of Asia in Amsterdam. Palm trees, watermelon juices, colorful lights … It always makes me so happy!

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De Tulp Amsterdam is a spot where you can drink coffee on a swing on the veranda, have a tropical lunch on their colourful terrace, a cosy dinner inside and where you can end the evening with a nice cocktail, or better said cocktails .

Oh my, check the desserts at De Tulp Amsterdam

For lunch you can for example choose a sandwich with steak, picanha chimichurri, grilled pepper and quail egg (oh my). In the evening you order different plates to share with friends. Think of plates with pork belly, lamb chops and little gem or with edame beans, fish cookies and tempura gambas. This sounds good!

Just like the desserts by the way. I already spotted a dessert with chocolate mouse, oreo crumble, salted peanuts, steamed dates cake, caramel sauce, vanilla sauce and marinated strawberries. The brain behind this creation already has my blessing!

Visit this Copacabana of Amsterdam soon, also when the sun doesn’t shine ;-)

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Photocredits: De Tulp

De Tulp

Marie Heinekenplein 33

Amsterdam (De Pijp)


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