De Biertuin Amsterdam Prinsengracht: chicken, beer and fun in the city centre

de biertuin amsterdam prinsengracht

YESSS, De Biertuin Amsterdam Prinsengracht is open!

De Biertuin Amsterdam Prinsengracht opened her doors today. YES! We needed to wait a little, but we can celebrate the weekend today at the Biertuin Amsterdam Prinsengracht with beers and chicken! We don’ have to bike all the way to East on Fridays, we can just enjoy time with our friends in the city centre. Where? At the Prinsengracht 494. In the building where restaurant Bo Cinq used to be. A few months ago a new restaurant opened in the back of Bo Cinq already and if you haven’t been there yet Bo Nam is a must try.

What to expect at De Biertuin Prinsengracht? Of course a lot of different beers on draft or by the bottle and great bar food that tastes oh-so-good with those beers. Think grilled chicken, hamburgers, bratwurst and also veggie burgers!

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