De Biertuin Amsterdam Oost

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De Biertuin Amsterdam: hotspot in East

12 April 2014

Great neighbourhood spot: De Biertuin!

De Biertuin in Amsterdam East is an all time favourite. Ever since the opening this cafe and restaurant is one of the places in my neighbourhood I always go back to. Their great patio has something to do with that for sure. At De Biertuin the patio is super sunny!

At De Biertuin they have a long list of specialty beers. Most of them craft beers that are produced locally. Some of them beers I’ve never had before. So if you’re a beer enthusiast, De Biertuin is a good spot to meet with your friends.

De Biertuin Amsterdam Oost

Another great thing about De Biertuin is the menu with good bar food and maybe even better bar bites. And all very affordable. I remember sitting there for a whole day in the summer drinking specialty beers and eating the sausages of Brandt & Levie all day. A perfect lazy Sunday!

De Biertuin Amsterdam Oost

De Biertuin Amsterdam

Address: Linnaeusstraat 29, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam East
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Anne de Buck

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