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7 x awesome daytime events at ADE 2015

14 October 2015

You don’t have to get bored during ade’s daytime!

Amsterdam Dance Event has arrived. We have been excited for weeks and now is the time. In the night you probably go dancing at one of the cool parties. If so, check out our blog with the 10 best parties to go to during Amsterdam Dance Event 2015. But also during the daytime you can go all out! Go to the street art tour,  watch a beautiful music documentary or dance while having breakfast. The things you cannot miss in the daytime? We made a blog with the coolest events to visit during ADE 2015. Read all about the ADE 2015 day program in this blog.

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Keukentrap! OFF-ADE DJ & Diner Editie >> day program ADE 2015

Too much ADE, too little off-ADE! That’s what the organisors of Keukentrap call the main reason to organise Keukentrap. By the water at Amstelhaven you start the first day of Amsterdam Dance Event with a meal. During the meal you can listen to the house and techno beats of a few of Amsterdam’s finest residence DJ’s. At 8 o’clock the tables will be swept aside and voila! Your first ADE dance moves are a fact.

When: Wednesday October 14 2015 (17:00-23:00)
Where: Amstelhaven, Mauritskade 1
Price: Free!
Line-up: Gabriela Penn (live), Jayzo, Rik Watts, Oscar Seinen, Kroon, Van Netten, Nieuwhout

Street art Amsterdam

urban art festival >> day program ADE 2015

Radion, Amsterdams newest cultural hotspot since Trouw has been closed, will be the stage of the Urban Art Festival during ADE 2015. The work of more than forty Dutch and international artists will be shown here. What they have in common? They all design CD’s, flyers, or other media outlets for the electronic music industry. If you can’t get enough of the urban art atmosphere at Radion, you have to vist the Street Art Market on the 24th of October.

When:  October 15-18 2015
Where: Radion, Louwesweg 1
Price: Free!

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breakfast club – 3 days ade >> day program ADE 2015

For the real diehards: at Breakfast Club you can party after you’ve been to one of the ADE parties that you can’t miss. But also if you’re not crazy about nightly escapades, the Breakfast Club is perfect. During ADE 2015, the Breakfast Club will come to Closure at the Rozengracht. The party already starts around 7 in the morning and will end around 6 pm. Early enough to get some rest after a night out… or to recharge for your next ADE party? ;-)

When: October 16-18 2015 (7:00-18:00)
: Closure, Rozengracht 133
Price: 22 euros, you can buy tickets here
Line-up: a.o. Midland, Levon Vincent en Donato Dozzy

Ade 2015

ade films >> day program ade 2015

Looking for some relaxing time after all the partying? Then go to one of the music related ADE films that will be screened in the Melkweg and the Balie. For example, go to Soundhunters, a musical expedition in which two musicians try to find their own sound. The movie tries to show how the world can be used as an instrument in a playful way . Or go to Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay, in which the origins of the industrial music scene are being traced.

More information: Read all about the different movies that are being screened during ADE 2015 here.

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uncovered: the art of the album cover ii >> day program ADE 2015

There’s so much more to the music business than just the songs and the artists. Back in the days when we were running to the music stores to buy new CD’s, the artwork of the CD was just as important. And even today a nice CD cover design means a lot. That’s why it’s not so strange that during ADE 2015, for the second time, a whole exhibition is being devoted to the artwork of the album cover. Cool!

When: October 14-18 2015
Where: Mini Galerie, Kinkerstraat 12AH
Price: Free!

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nachtgalerie rechts vooraan @ volkshotel >> Day program ade 2015

What would Amsterdam Dance Event be without its visitors? Thats’s right, not much. Nachtgalerie Rechts Vooraan tries to play into this thought during an interactive exhibition in the Volkshotel. During ADE 2015 you can send in your own photos, movies, screenshots and more to or by adding the #nachtgalerierv to your Facebook or Instagrampost. The artists of Nachtgalerie will use this input to make an original piece of art out of it.

When: October 15, 16 and 17 from 20:00-01:00
Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150

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ade street art tours >> day program ADE 2015

This tour might be our favourite event during the day program of ADE 2015. Urban Art NOW and Amsterdam Museum organise a walking tour together, that is being accompanied by a local street artist. The tour starts at the Original Dampkring Gallery, where you get a drink and some snacks. After that you will hit the centre, where the artist shows you all sorts of hidden street art and tells you everything about it. This tour is a unique way to get familiar with the history of street art. And it wouldn’t be ADE if the connection to Amsterdam and electronic music wasn’t explained properly. Very interesting! You end the tour in the Amsterdam Museum, where you can visit an exhibition on graffiti in New York and Amsterdam until the 24th of Januari.

When: October 14-18 2015 at 3 pm
Where: Start at Original Dampkring Gallery, Singel 395
Price: 15 euro (including snacks, drinks and entrance to the Amsterdam Museum)

ADE 2015 Day Program

So whether you’re a party animal or not… ADE 2015 has something to both during the day and the nighttime. Enjoy!

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