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Daalder Atelier Amsterdam: here you can taste the new dishes, new flavors and new ideas of Chef Dennis Huwaë*

26 January 2023
Photo credit: © Lyan van Furth -LVFFood

Good news for everyone who secretly missed Daalder on the Lindengracht in the Jordaan. With the opening of Daalder Atelier Amsterdam you can go back to the place where it once started in the familiar Jordanian café. But with a completely new concept called Daalder Atelier!

Daalder atelier is a new restaurant in the Jordaan with only 36 seats

How Daalder Atelier all started? New dish, new flavors, new idea. Chef Dennis Huwaë cooks and develops 24/7 in his mind. For a few months now, he has been having that process tasted in Daalder Atelier, where he puts his latest ideas on the menu every time. After Huwaë and his team Daalder* (awarded with a Michelin star) moved to Amsterdam West last year, the Amsterdam chef returns to the old place with a second Daalder restaurant. It is the studio where he continuously works on his most creative menu ever, where only 36 guests can watch and taste.

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Daalder Atelier Amsterdam, beste restaurants Amsterdam

© Lyan van Furth -LVFFood

This is the new concept of restaurant Daalder Atelier in Amsterdam

Dennis Huwaë: ‘In my head it never stops, you know. I can already taste it when I think of it. New combinations of flavours. New dishes. In the process of making one recipe perfect, I get four new ideas for the next dish. When I work on that one plate, I immediately find a way to make another dish even better. It’s an endless process. It never stops. In Daalder Atelier I have a chance to follow all that inspiration. To serve my most creative dishes and immediately see the reaction to it. To keep going. Because it can – and I want – always better.”

New fine dining restaurant in the Jordaan in Amsterdam

Lindengracht 90 is a chef’s studio. The place where Dennis Huwaë and his team continuously try, taste and perfect. And now they let everyone look over their shoulder. When Huwaë took over Daalder in 2015, there was room for 64 guests. In the studio there are only 36. ‘That was always my dream. Fewer guests, so you can really cook for them personally. And for that he steps out of his familiar kitchen at the back of the restaurant. After a short renovation, the marble bar in the front has become a place to cook, so that he can spend the evening with the guests. And immediately hear their reaction to new dishes.

At Daalder Atelier you can taste culinary traditions according to your own cooking laws

As he has always done, Dennis cooks in his studio without restrictive boundaries. He learns from every cuisine he encounters. He is inspired by culinary traditions to directly break the rules of those cooking laws. He brings together flavors that are apparently miles apart. Daalder Atelier is the place where he and his team can and want to go even further than they did before. Both technically and creatively. In a relentless search for the limits of gastronomy.

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| TIP: on Friday and Saturday you can also have lunch at Daalder Atelier!

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Daalder Atelier Amsterdam, beste restaurants Amsterdam

© Lyan van Furth -LVFFood

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Daalder Atelier

Lindengracht 90

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)
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