Da Portare Via Amsterdam: for pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven and cocktails

Da Portare Via Amsterdam

Da Portare Via Amsterdam is perfect for shared pizza dining

Da Portare Via Amsterdam is your new go to pizzeria in the city center, East, West and actually the whole city. Because at the moment, you can get your Da Portare Via pizzas, baked in a wood-fired oven and with crispy crust, at 5 different locations in Amsterdam. Better said; there is always one near you. You’ll find Da Portare Via Amsterdam at Copernicusstraat 49, Frans Halsstraat 63, Lange Niezel 16, Willemsparkweg 178 and a take away spot on the Leliegracht 34.

A little while ago, it was time for a Yourlbb team dinner, and what is more fun than a pizza party? We all cycled to the location at the Willemsparweg and stayed there until late, so much fun!

Da Portare Via AmsterdamBtw, the interior is clean and modern but with some trendy touches. You’ll feel at home straight away. Also thanks to the ambitious and proud team. Let them surprise you, and especially with one of their good cocktails ;-)

at Da Portare Via Amsterdam there’s more than just pizzas

At Da Portare Via you can eat more than just a good and tasty pizza. Their anti pastis make this ‘normal’ pizzeria a restaurant where you can enjoy shared dining with friends, or a 3-course meal with your lover. Think of carpaccio made of octopus, grilled octopus with potatoes and tomato salsa, a good caesar salad and fresh bread with some dips.

Da Portare Via AmsterdamDa Portare Via AmsterdamAlready craving more? The pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven at Da Portare Via are the real winners of course. They have a crispy crust and have many toppings. Go for one with tomato sauce or without, with meat or just with fresh vegetables. Or share pizzas with friends and try a slice of each one. Is one of your friends a vegetarian? Ask them to serve the meat separately, so the meat eaters can still add some meat to their pizza.

Tip: ask for the pizza with avocado and soft, sweet onions if it’s not on the menu yet, we liked this one the most!

Da Portare Via Amsterdam

I’d almost forget, but the desserts at Da Portare Via are a must too. I would definitely walk a bit more, just to get some dessert here. Enjoy!

Da Portare Via Amsterdam

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