8 x the nicest coffee bars in Reykjavik

23 August 2015

For the coffee lovers: 8 coffee bars in Reykjavik!

One of the things we did on our city trip to Reykjavik is to find the best coffee hotspots around.  Not only for the fact that Anne and I are slightly addicted ;-) Luckily Reykjavik loves coffee as much as we do, so we passed one coffee bar after the other. You will find the nicest coffee bars in Reykjavik here!


Tiu Dropar Cafe >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

Do you like to have something to drink on the Laugavegur in Reykjavik while or after shopping? Tíu Dropbar is the place to go. During the day Tíu Dropar is a coffee bar, while at nighttime this cafe turns into wine bar Le Chateaux des Dix Gouttes. The interior design is super cosy! It looks a bit like a living room full with little wooden tables and other vintage trinkets.

Kaffitar >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

You will find Kaffitar at 8 different locations around the city. And it’s not only the coffee that is really nice here… It’s fair coffee. They buy the coffee beans straight from the coffee farmers. In that way my cappuccino or latte just taste a lot nicer.

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Bergsson Mathús Reykjavik

Bergsson >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

Are you a healthy hotspots lover? Than make sure you don’t miss out on Bergsson Mathús in the city centre of Reykjavik. Also here the coffee’s are really nice! The hotspot is just a few streets out of the mainstreet, so it’s less crowded with tourists. It’s the place where you find the locals.

Kaffibarinn >> koffiebars in Reykjavik

This coffee bar, with the London Underground logo, is one of the coolest bars of Reykjavik. Weekdays it’s a perfect spot to work, to read the paper or to metope with friends. In the weekends you sometimes have to wait in line to grab a coffee.

Mokka Kaffi >> koffiebars in Reykjavik

One of the oldest coffee places in the city! This is the place where you’ll mainly find hipsters and arty crowd. Most likely because of the expo’s you will find here on a regular base and also the coffee tastes really good!

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Reykjavik Roasters >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

Probably the best coffee bar in Reykjavik! At Reykjavik Roasters they  buy their coffee beans in Colombia and Nicaragua. And then they roast them themselves, that’s why they’re called Roasters ;-) And what’s better then the smell of fresh roasted beans? Go here for your cup of coffee!

Kaffifélagio >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

It is always a good idea to go somewhere for coffee but sometimes a take away coffee is all you really want. For this you go to Kaffifélagio! Here they serve coffee made from Italian espresso beans. Do you wanna add milk? They will ask you specifically how much you want. Best service there is…

STofan >> coffee bars in Reykjavik

Stofas is a nice  vintage coffeebar. Fully decorated with vintage chairs, tables and sofas. The best spot read the paper and to enjoy a piece of cake with your coffee. Echt een plek waar je even een krantje leest en een taartje besteld bij je koffie. Are you into knitting? On the table you will find a knitting basket with a scarf waiting to be finished!

Stofan Reykjavik

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