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SPOTTED AT COACHELLA: thé 6 beauty trends for the coming festival season!

20 April 2017

Coachella beauty trends that we want to try this festival season!

Coachella, oh Coachella! We can’t get enough of this big festival, even though we’re at the other side of the world behind our laptops in the cold, but sunny Amsterdam. The reason why we like Coachella is because there are a lot of trends popping up. like food, fashion and a lot of beauty trends. Treatwell listed the best and coolest Coachella beauty trends so we can try it ourselves this festival season. Think of feathers, glitters and of course hair dye in crazy colours. Are you ready for the festivals?

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6 X COACHELLA BEAUTY TRENDS to steal the show

1. Feather brows: This year no feathers in your hair or clothes, the feather brow is the next big thing. It started as a joke from the Finnish make-up artist, Stella Sironen, but it ended as a big trend. She shared a photo on social media with her eye brows seperated in the middle by teasing the hairs in the opposite direction. It looks like they’re feathers! 

2. Dotted make-up: Festivals are the perfect occasion to decorate your body with different patterns. The dotted trend is one of them! Not only to be seen on the eyes, but also on the whole face. At Coachella we spotted a lot of dots!

3. Pastel stripes: Ever wanted a nice colour in your hair, but not dye it right away. Try out these pastel coloured stripes. It’s subtile, looks fresh and gives you that nice festival look you want. For this trend you don’t have to get a big transformation, be creative!

4. Glitter everything: This year its hotter than hot to decorate your face with glitters and little stones. Get colours that match your outfit! Afraid that the glitters will come off and you’ll look like a freak? Spray a little bit of hair spray on the glitters, et voila!

Watch it! The sparkling glitters are not only for the ladies! Also men can go to a festival with glitters on their face (or in their beard) to look great on the big party!

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Ready to go all out? Go for glitter henna! It stays on for a few weeks and will go away slow. It’s the perfect to go accessory if you have several festivals in a short while.

5. Nail extensions: Are your nails to short to make something nice of it? No problem, nail extensions are hot! Get a nice set of fake nails and steal the show. You can also book an appointment at a salon of course. Are you going for nude ombré or the Parisienne manicure?

6. Balayage: Old, but gold. Balayage is still more than hot and spotted a lot of times at Coachella. The balayage looks amazing in the warm sun. Make sure you go to a salon for the best effect!

Get creative with these coachella beauty trends!


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